Thickness? Milkshake/Smoothie consistency? Pudding thickening agents? Texture improvements?


So I was looking at the various reviews of Soylent, and it doesn’t LOOK particularly appetizing. I was thinking this might be improved by making it, well, more like a very thick, cold milkshake, rather than perhaps a thin milkshake. What might be doable to do this? Other than making it with ice in a blender rather than cold water. Has anyone tried this? Has anyone tried adding some of the base thickening ingredients to sugar free pudding in it? What is the specific ingredient in milk that causes pudding to gel? Can that ingredient – without the milk – be added? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


When I was using psyllium as my fiber source, if I let my shake sit for a couple of hours it would turn to pudding.
I did not particularly care of the consistency, and the psyllium was tearing up my digestive tract, so I quit using it. But then again I was getting a lot of fiber from my other ingredients, so you might experiment with psyllium.


guar gum and xanthan gum


So will the ‘weight loss’ one have any thickening and volume increasing agents to help with satiety?


You could try birds custard powder (’s_Custard)? It’s all carbs though soooo,… yah XD


I vaguely remember one of the threads had someone using a powerful blender and ice cubes instead of water to make it more smoothie-like. Personally, I’d prefer a more water-like consistency at least to start. Easier to drink all at once. But de gustibus non est disputandum.


I’ve tried to ignore this post, but I can’t. What do you mean by ‘weight loss’ Soylent?
Soylent is not specifically designed for weight loss. Weight loss is the by product of only consuming what you need and not all the crap you were consuming before. So naturally when you aren’t storing all of the excess crap you will lose weight. I would also recommend exercising too.

I originally had a problem with satiety, and it was because I dropped my calories too far when I started Soylent. I have since up’ed my calories and I haven’t had a problem. There of course will probably be a transition period for everyone. But if you are over weight, and you think that you need to consume 8,000 calories so that you aren’t hungry then you have bigger issues.


There are goign to be several versions of Soylent, according to the various polls? One that people seem to want is one with less calorie density for weight loss, which you can get for healthy weight loss, before switching to the normal stuff for weight maintenance? At least that’s the best of my understanding!