This article/comparison and these comments wtf lol



A little misleading since they don’t mention the sugar that the milk portion of a bowl of cheerios contains.


The author’s bias is showing.

  • Cheerios is “the all-American choice”.
  • But drinking Soylent comes with "The shame associated with drinking out of that science-lab bottle will feel like your punishment for failing to make time for a proper breakfast. "

I guess I’ll just add that to the list of things I do that I didn’t know I was supposed to be ashamed of.


My personal favorite was

“SlimFast for nerds”


The funny thing is that while Lifehacker is gently mocking Soylent (which is an improvement over the outright slamming they used to do), its sister site Kinja is talking about how great Coffiest tastes and is offering a 30% off coupon for a box of Soylent from Amazon.


Author confused Cheerios with Denny’s.