"This board is an evidence-based community"


And HOW. I’ve been frequenting the forum for a little over a year, and virtually any instances of pseudoscience I’ve run into have been quickly, thoroughly, and, in most cases, respectfully dismantled. As someone who spends too much time rolling my eyes at bad science, and who has held some pseudoscientific beliefs of my own, this a deep breath of fresh air.

Also, despite what a few people have said, I think Discourse is THE place to go for legitimate, evidence-based criticism of the Soylent formula and concept, and I really appreciate that the folks at Rosa seem to have zero inclination to delete or otherwise shut down such criticism. In fact it seems to me that, more often than not, they to take it to heart: “I’ll talk to the team about this”; “Here’s the science behind what we’re doing”; “Most of the staff look at Discourse every day”; and so on.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate having an online community that treats nutrition science as the very serious topic it is. That it’s tied up with the coolest concept in food production I’ve ever come across is a huge bonus.


Just curious. Like what?


“This board is an evidence-based community”

[citation needed]


I agree: This forum gives as much confidence in the product as anything. Well said.


Oh boy, a good few things: I used to be very Catholic, then became Orthodox Christian, so I was a creationist. After watching too many episodes of Ghost Hunters, I thought apparitions might have some credibility. I went through a Food, Inc. phase that turned me into one of those “organic good, synthetic bad” people. I used to think a number of “natural cures” were at least somewhat efficacious. Plus I tried a “detox” once or twice.

As you can imagine, after having been duped into believing such things, I try to be much more careful about using my nonsense detector nowadays.


@pauldwaite, always keeping it 100


not all orthodox christians are creationists raises hand


Yeah, that’s fair. I should’ve said I was a fundamentalist Orthodox Christian. I’m sure Theodosius Dobzhansky would be a little upset with my characterization too.


The Discourse community is significantly better/wiser than the one on Reddit. Those guys are just a huge angry mob (see the posts over there about expiration date or the mold issue.)


I’m a level 95 druid. That’s all the evidence you need.


We strive to keep it open ended. The only times I delete or lock is when things devolve into near personal attacks or when discussions become pointlessly circular.