This box is making me sick


With the Kickstarter I went through a week supply in two weeks, lots of gas otherwise great. A few weeks later I later subscribed and got a couple boxes of 1.1. Drinking about half a pitcher a day, very little gas, doing great. Went through my first box just fine. Second box, something is wrong. I think I drank all the first bag, second bag I drank about 30 oz before I figured I must have the stomach flu, terrible stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting. Took 3 or 4 days, got better, had solid food yesterday, feeling great. Opened up bag 3 this morning, mixed up a batch, no added ingredients, and now huge stomach cramps again, wish I could puke.

I have three bags left in this box I don’t dare touch, plus just got charged for my next shipment.

Is this just me? Should I cancel? @Soylent help?



First time I’ve ever tried to make myself puke, totally failed at it.


Wonder if you’re having problems with those stuff that helps with gas? If that’s the case 1.2 should help a little.


Doesn’t sound good for sure,You say you were taking the bags at about half a bag each day? The more details you can share the better.

Either it is something in the bags that is off, How does it smell, Does it taste “off”? How soon after mixing do you drink it? What about the oil, does it smell fine?

Or it could be something in you that doesn’t like the Soylent mix… I actually felt sick the first few days I had Soylent myself and I blamed it on the Vanillin, mainly because I kept being able to taste it hours after consuming the Soylent, it made my nauseous, to the point where I ended up sweating and then puking… So I added cocoa powder to mask the vanilla flavor and that helped me a lot.

But since 1.0 was fine for you, then I am not sure that is your cause.

How fast do you drink it?

Like I said, the more information, the more likely someone can point to a reason… it would suck if the bag itself was contaminated by some bacteria/virus that caused stomach flu like symptoms.


It doesn’t seem to smell or taste any different than previous batches. I’ve wondered if it was the oil, but it smells fine, has very little smell. I poured myself a glass right away this morning as we were heading out, so I added some ice to my cup.

My first box (two weeks) of 1.1 was great. Sure a little thinner, but I didn’t mind. My system had no problems with it.

This morning I slowly sipped on about 10oz (half my glass) with ice before I started feeling stomach pangs and poured the rest out. Now I’m on hour 3 of stomach cramps from that 10oz’s.


My first two weeks of 1.1 was absolutely fine, even great with so little gas.


Honestly with the issues I had been facing with 1.1, I was wondering if there were some quality control issues because not many others experienced them. Your experience opens up that possibility further. I’ll open another 1.1 box and see if I have the same effects. Mine were basically extreme brain fog on 1.1.


I’ll ask you what I asked someone else: are you fully cleaning your pitcher? Including taking the lid apart and cleaning the gasket?


While I wasn’t able to eat or drink for a few days the pitcher was completely dismantled, seals pulled/cleaned, etc.


That rules that out then.


I got sick on Soylent once, but I think it was because I was trying to force down the last of my pitcher before bed, while my stomache as already full. I just filled it up way too much and felt really bloated, and ended up puking.


Hmmm there seems to be a bug with your copy of Soylent 1.1. Let’s see if we can narrow down where it is. Try making a batch without the supplied oil. If you want you can add your own oil.


Makes my stomach churn thinking about it.

It will have to wait until tomorrow, I’m still sore from yesterdays cramp-fest.


I wonder if you might have developed an allergy to one or more of the ingredients in Soylent. It sometimes happens that you will tolerate a food well, then become sensitized to it and start having reactions.

Having allergies to one substance can make you prone to developing new allergies. Are you allergic to anything that you know of?


Interesting thought, I could see that happening. I remain allergen free AFAIK, food and otherwise.


Oh man, this thread.

I’ve been a pretty big proponent of Soylent since 1.0 and have had pretty much an identical experience. I had 1.0 for nearly two months with no problems, then went through about a week’s worth of 1.1 (over the course of about two weeks) with no problems, and now I’m into the second box.

A little over a week ago I had a bit too much of some 1.1 from a bag which had been mixed with 1tsp psyllium after having already eaten a little bit, and ended up with an incapacitating stomach ache for well over an hour. I assumed it was some combination of fiber overload with the sheer quantity of food in my stomach but I dumped the pitcher out and ate normal food for a few days.

Friday, I had nothing but about 14 oz of the stuff for breakfast before going to work, which I added no psyllium to just to be on the safe side (though I hadn’t had issues previously). I felt fine, but after a few hours at work I started feeling nauseous, and within the span of about 90 seconds I plummeted from slight nausea to instantly puking on the office floor (it hit so fast I couldn’t make it the four steps to the trash). My roommate had been sick with a cold and I had come down with a cough and a stuffed nose but I haven’t since I had food poisoning from a cheesecake in 2009, so this seemed a bit extreme for a simple cold. STILL I wrote it off, but I dumped the Soylent and binged on junk food all weekend (I didn’t feel GOOD eating that stuff, but I never felt like I was going to be sick from it either).

This morning I was optimistic, and brought my thermos full of Soylent to work (this time back up to 1/2 tsp psyllium for the entire 2 litre batch). I had about 15 ounces over the course of 10-20 minutes and felt fine, but within two or three hours I was feeling bloated, uncomfortable, and gradually a little nauseous. I forced down some bread to try to settle my stomach and managed to hold it down, but it’s been six hours since my last bite to eat and my stomach is still hurting.

I figured my nausea earlier today was due to some psychosomatic response to the events of last Friday and wrote off the possibility that there was something wrong with the Soylent, but now I’m very suspicious. I’ll be tossing the rest of the bags from this week’s box and trying a new box in a few days after the holidays when I’m feeling brave again.

I’ve always had an iron stomach and no known allergies, and this is after nearly three months of 50-80% Soylent in its various forms.

@Soylent, have you gotten any feedback like this regarding the 1.1 boxes other than what’s been on the forums? Honestly, I’d be thrilled if this were a quality control issue and I’ve been poisoning myself because it means I can dive right into the 1.2 shipment that just arrived.

Log your opinions of v1.2 here

I’ve had almost the exact same experience. First box was just fantastic, I didn’t even have any gas issues and went 2.5 weeks right away on Soylent alone. I felt full, no hunger between “meals” and I felt like I had more energy and clearer thoughts than ever before.

Then the second bag of the second box, after about a week and a half of no Soylent (I had the first bag of the second box over two days as a lunch and snack replacement) made me SUPER sick.

Literally, in the morning, a cup of hot tea (same tea I’ve been having for a while without issues) and a glass of Soylent I made the previous night, then just under four hours after I had it I started to feel warm, then sweating, then very bloated and then suddenly vomited twice so quickly I mostly made it to the bathroom and gradually felt better the rest of the day but couldn’t eat anything. I finally had a cup of tea that night and was okay.

I’m just terrified to try another bag now. I know I’m going to toss out this batch and likely the remaining 5 bags and oil. I’ve already ordered v1.2 since prior to this I’ve had nothing but the highest praise for Soylent and have already had three friends buy several boxes.

I completely hand wash the pitcher twice between batches because the smell of soylent tends to linger in it after one wash.

The batch that made me sick seemed no different than the previous 8 or so; powder looked normal, oil seemed fine. One huge concern I have is that the oil bottles don’t have a safety seal which seems strange to me. @Soylent, are there any plans on putting safety seals on the oil bottles?

So, that’s my story. I don’t know what to do. During the two plus weeks of being on nothing but Soylent solid food seemed to turn me off more and more. I guess i’m at a crossroads.

I’d forgot to mention this was all v1.1 Soylent.


Can we get some batch numbers for the “bad” Soylent?


I’ve never gotten sick from soylent but I’ve only had 3 weeks of 1.1, and have never used the oil. Fish oil can be very varied from batch to batch, so that would be my first concern. Otherwise, it’s hard to say


@horsfield that was my attempt in providing the picture of the box, are there other numbers?