This did not end well

Before I really get started, I do wish everyone using Soylent the best of luck and I want the company to succeed in their endeavors. My body just seems to have had a bad reaction and I wanted to share my experience.

Like many of you I was interested in reducing the amount of cooking I do and still maintain a healthy diet. My regular diet wasn’t too shabby. Lots of vegetables, fruit, whole grain, and a variety of protein sources. General healthiness but without being too strict about it. However, I hate cooking so Soylent seemed like an interesting experiment. So I ordered it with the intention of replacing one half to two thirds of my diet. Breakfast and dinner with Soylent leaving lunch open for whatever.

Per the instructions, I eased into it over the course of several days and everything seemed great. No room clearing gas, no uncomfortableness. Just me and my pancake batter flavored with random things (chocolate, fruit, nutella, etc) Plain was just too… Plain and with that texture it’s just terrible. But add a little bit of flavor and it becomes tolerable.

About 2 weeks into it, I started to get light headed. Reading over the ingredients and looking at the rest of my daily meals I realized I was short on sodium. Wee bit of extra salt took care of that.

Then it started to really go down hill. The acid reflux hit. Oh the acid reflux. I couldn’t prevent it at all. No amount of added water (with Soylent and general consumption), calcium tablets, Maalox could get rid of it. I had to quit Soylent.

Rosa Labs was kind and responsive. Cancellation was easy and they offered to refund the extra box I had. I wished them luck and promised to try version 1.5.

So that was a month ago but I’m still having major problems. I tried to ease off of it but the acid reflux forced me to quit quickly. Horrible constipation kicked and a bit of abdominal pain. I found myself having far more salads and fruit than I normally do just to keep things moving. Now there’s been some dizziness and a bit of nausea mixed in there. It’s probably high time I see a doctor or urgent care but I keep thinking “It’ll go away, it was just a diet change.” Too stubborn / stupid I suppose.

Am I the only one that has had a bad experience like this? Again, I wish Rosa Labs and their customers luck but the continuing problems have pretty much put me off of any future versions or any DIY soylents.

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You should see a doctor. Just about everyone has had bad experiences, and not all of them have correctly identified the cause.


Agreed. A month later, a fairly minor dietary change that you’ve changed away from, really shouldn’t still be affecting you like that. See a doctor–your primary care physician if you have one–and tell her about your diet (bring a pouch to explain the Soylent), but see if something else is going on.

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I will agree with the recommendation to see a doctor as soon as you can. This sounds like something worse than a single dietary change could have caused, and definitely out of line with anything I have heard of.

Those symptoms aren’t typical. Please go see a doctor.

I agree, bring a pouch of Soylent and a list of things you’ve eaten in addition to Soylent.

Yeah, I would say a check up is in order. Maybe some blood tests. Let us know how things go.

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  1. Yes, obviously see a doctor, especially if you’ve stopped Soylent and you’re still having issues.

  2. The calcium carbonate tablets could have been a big reason you had acid reflux, and if you have an ulcer from it, that could be causing other symptoms… Yes, I know, calcium carbonate is supposed to reduce hearburn. And it does… briefly. But some people have rebound reflux when it wears off. For this reason, I can’t do Tums or similar ones; it makes it soooooo much worse than before I take it. There are other slower acting acid reflux treatments that don’t result in such a harsh rebound.

Awaiting blood tests results now. Blood pressure was quite low for me but that usually explains dizziness when standing. I have it all the time. Oh well, guess I have to wait for results… Though it was nice not having to explain Soylent to my doctor and the reasoning behind it. Turns out her husband was a customer too.


@tinwhiskers. They lowered the oats in 1.5 (according to some those could also have caused acid reflux), did you order it?