This guy has been on a liquid diet for four years

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Man, I wish they sold that Modulen stuff here in the US.

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Before the Soylent movement really kicked off, I had looked into Modulen and many other similar powdered “meal replacements”, but nothing was really suitable for the average person until Soylent and the products it inspired started appearing. There were 3 main reasons for this:

  1. All the readily-available and lower-cost options were usually designed either as diet meals or workout supplements. This meant that they were extremely low calorie, so getting enough calories even for a sedentary person would usually mean getting dangerous amounts of micronutrients and/or spending ridiculous amounts of money.
  2. The few retail ones that actually boasted enough calories for a full meal at a somewhat reasonable cost required the addition of fruits and vegetables in a smoothie, defeating the purpose(in my mind) of a liquid meal, as it requires making more dishes, spending time buying groceries and doing extra prep work, etc.
  3. The medical-grade ones like Modulen are insanely expensive. Like $40 a day expensive, if you’re living off them exclusively and aiming for a reasonable caloric intake(many of them are designed for bed-bound patients who require very few calories). So they’re only a feasible option if you have a prescription for them so that your insurance can offset the cost.