This hamster ate Soylent

…the original Soylent from 1973.

Ok I’ll leave now.

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I don’t know where you all come up with these videos…


That freaked me out a little…


dissapoiting. I was expecting that you actually feed your hamster with tasty 2015 Soylent.

I gave the neighbour’s cat some of my soylent and she ate it. :smile:

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@opethbass – lol, do you have a hamster (or other pet)? Feed him/her Soylent, take a vid, post it. I hear rodents go crazy for it. :smile:

@spartametsImgur, my friend. You can find all this weirdness on Imgur. :+1:

I have a hard time keeping my kitten away from my DIY. Silly thing doesn’t care that it’s vegetarian and she’s an obligate carnivore.


Try mixing your DIY Soylent with catnip next time. :smiley:

Don’t have test hamster at hand. But someday!

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