This has been a pretty active month for things I have backed


Soylent will be shipped to me in the near future. My Haloband was last at sorting in Chicago from Thailand. My pressy button will be shipping in a week or two. (all behind schedule) Then I only have one more thing I have backed that I have not received and thats my fin which ships in November… Allegedly.So stoked!


Funny how many things you have in common with me in terms of backing projects. I’m still waiting for my gyroscope and glowing plants, and I am cool with them taking forever.

Is it weird I am most excited about PowerUp 3.0 and Pressy? Second to Soylent, of course.


I almost backed the glowing plants too. Im most excite for Fin. I hope its ship date isnt to long past its expected date. And the pressy is going to be cool. Could not care less about the silicone holder. lol I think haloband is going to be cool too.


You didn’t back Kung Fury by chance, did you? Oh man the trailer was so good I could not resist. Missed out on the haloband. :confused:


HAHAHA! No, I did not back Kung Fury but I saw it. It needed Ralph Machio. HAHA! Yeah, Haloband creators have been pretty great. There were times where they posted updates every day for a week. Good guys. Hope it gets here soon. Cant wait to use the haloband and the pressy with my new nexus 5.


Just looked into those kickstarters your mentioned. I’d get pressy, but I have an iPhone, not android. I did look around and found Impervious though, which looked pretty snazzy.


I was hoping my Almond+ would ship this month, but they’ve had one (last, hopefully) delay. They should ship mid-june.

The Pressy looks pretty cool, but at $30, that’s a little out of my price range. What did update #15 include?


#15 was implementing the viber app.

And almost forgot I backed this too.


The Joe Pod looks really cool! It’s amazing what is going through Kickstarter and IndieGoGo right now.
I have a pebble smartwatch and love it.
List of other things I’ve backed:

  • Almond+ Router
  • Minuum keyboard
  • Crabby Wallet
  • Soylent


The minuum keyboard looks cool. I might get that. I got the trayvax wallet from kickstarter.


I’m waiting on Soylent, Hotwatch, Juicebee, and Powerup (in general order of expected usefulness). First three all have delays, all looking to be (hopefully) nearing shipment soon.

I thought about getting NFCring, but I missed the boat for the kickstarter, and the price jumped so much for the retail edition :frowning: