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Got my 8 weeks worth yesterday, had my first taste for breakfast today. I don’t have a blog and don’t plan on making one, so I’m going to use this thread for my feedback.

2014-06-07 - I shook it up in the pitcher (no blending) last night. I was surprised how much it separated overnight. There were a good few inches of water on the top in the morning and I had to shake it up again, but it didn’t take much. To me, it tasted like a vanilla malt milkshake. There was a very fine gritty mouth after-feel. I didn’t notice it while drinking, but after each sip I could feel it coating my mouth a bit. It didn’t bother me, but I did feel the need to get a drink of water afterwards to rinse my mouth out. Only made it through about 15 oz (~470 calories) before I was full.


Welcome soylent pioneer.


And another one joins the ranks! Whoop! =)


There it is again! I am salivating right now. Welcome aboard!

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[quote=“gilahacker, post:1, topic:14025, full:true”]
To me, it tasted like a vanilla malt milkshake.[/quote]

I never tried one of these vanilla malt milkshakes before… looking forward to tasting what they taste like :smiley:

They taste a lot like Soylent! =D


2014-06-07 follow-up - Didn’t get hungry again for 6+ hours, then had a bacon cheeseburger and bacon cheese fries at Hard Rock Cafe (a tradition when going to Phoenix Comicon) with my roommates. Thought I’d have some Soylent for dinner, but never actually got hungry again. Took some Soylent over to my parents’ house for my Dad and showed him how to make it. No noticeable gas today.

2014-06-08 - Had Soylent for breakfast again. Maybe about 20 oz this time before I got full. I’m not really measuring, per se, but I have been drinking from a 16 oz cup so I can make a reasonable estimate. Was hungry about 5 hours later and had a BBQ chicken pizza at Tilted Kilt w/ a coworker and one of my roommates. Would have had Soylent for dinner, but my roommates were ordering from our favorite sushi restaurant and I couldn’t pass that up so I had chicken yakisoba for dinner. Had some gas towards the end of the day, but nothing horrible and no more than I sometimes have with my non-Soylent diet. I haven’t talked to him yet but, according to my mom, my dad had Soylent for breakfast today, and didn’t feel the need for caffeine (which is huge for him, the man lives on Mountain Dew). He also had it for lunch but had to follow it up with a sandwich as he was still hungry. I’m not sure how much he had for each of his “meals” but told my mom to have him just drink until he’s full instead of trying to consume a specific amount. My brother, who is super-skeptical of Soylent, says it tastes like crap. I’m not sure if he actually even tried it. I gave one of my roommates a shot of Soylent to try. He’s thinking about doing it for a month in place of a “cleanse*” as he’s been eating too much junk food lately. It’s far more expensive than what he and his girlfriend currently spend on food (she nearly always makes food from scratch), but they may split a month’s worth and just try to eat healthy for their non-Soylent meals.

*Yes, I’m aware that these fad “cleanse” things are typically just unhealthy starvation diets.

2014-06-09 - Just drank my breakfast (slept in today). I might have torn through 24 oz already and I’ll probably finish off the rest of that initial batch for this “meal”. Was glad it didn’t smell “off”, as I mixed this batch three nights ago. It didn’t seem as gritty and I thought either I was getting used to it or the extended time in the fridge had helped, but found that a lot of the gritty stuff had settled to the bottom of the cup. Didn’t have to chew my way through it or anything like that, but it was noticeable. I think I let it sit to long after pouring. The taste seemed somewhat more mild, but that could be just me. In any case, it’s a pleasant taste. I still plan on buying some of the flavoring oils from Flavor Apprentice based on @Simian’s posts in The “Flavoring Soylent” Thread because some of the flavors sound amazing.

I’ve still got a lot of not-so-healthy frozen/canned/dry-packaged foods to get through before I can rely on Soylent to replace all the “crap” meals, but I’ll get there. :smiley: If anyone has any questions, let me know.


I just ordered a ton of stuff from the flavor apprentice website:

Apple, banana nut bread*, black cherry, cheesecake (graham cracker crust), cinnamon danish, cinnamon sugar cookie, coconut candy, cranberry, creme de menthe, fudge brownie, gingerbread, hickory smoke**, key lime, koolada***, mango, maraschino cherry, marshmallow, menthol crystals****, milk chocolate, mint candy, orange (sweet), orange mandarin, peanut butter, pie crust, pineapple, pizza, pralines and cream, red licorice, red velvet cake, root beer float, spearmint, toasted marshmallow, vanilla cupcake, waffle (Belgian), wintergreen.

*Accidentally ordered 2 of the banana nut bread somehow. Good thing I love banana nut bread.

**Could not find the “bacon” flavor mentioned in the description of this one. Not sure that it’d be any good on its own in Soylent, but maybe I’ll add some of it to my non-Soylent meals.

***Koolada doesn’t have a flavor, just gives the cold feeling like you get with Ice Breakers gum.

****Pure menthol crystals, not an oil. I happen to really, really like strong minty-type flavors, and my favorite chewing gum is flavored with menthol. This is more of a “holy crap, they sell pure menthol crystals!” than a “hey, this might taste good in Soylent”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that’s 36 items in total. Most were $1.40 each for the tiny 4ml samples I ordered. The Koolada was $2.50 and the menthol crystals were $8.00. Shipping was $8.75 for 2 day USPS priority mail, and they said they ship out within two days of ordering, so I may have it by Friday.

I still need to try mixing my PB2 powdered peanut butter, vanilla extract, and peppermint Torani syrup. Will be posting all results in this thread and will probably cross-post in the flavoring soylent thread as well.

When I tried vanilla extract, I couldn’t taste it at all until I added so much that it mostly tasted like the alcohol in the vanilla… and was really pretty awful. Be interesting to hear what you find with that!

Did you put the vanilla extract into the soylent or into the water before mixing the soylent?

I added it to an already-poured glass of Soylent. Hadn’t considered if that would matter… does it?

Just tried the PB2. I only had about 6 oz of Soylent left from my original batch and it took three heaping spoonfuls* to get any kind of peanut butter taste out of it. I mixed it into the Soylent, and it clumped up terribly. Not wanting to dirty the blender for 6 oz of Soylent, I did my best to mash them up with the spoon. In retrospect, I should have mixed it with water first, and then mixed that into the Soylent. The end result was a thicker, slightly peanut-butter flavored Soylent.

But… I did have a thought while doing this. PB2 is meant to be reconstituted with water into a peanut-butter-like paste. I’ve never tried that, but thought “hey, if I actually mix this stuff to the consistency of peanut butter, I could make a Soylent-butter and jelly sandwich!” If I hadn’t just consumed 6 oz of Soylent and half a dozen hard boiled eggs, I might have tried it right then and there. Realistically though, there likely wouldn’t be enough Soylent in that mix to be worth the trouble.

*Plastic spoon from Walmart. I think it’s roughly teaspoon sized.

I actually switched over to reconstituted PB2 instead of store-brand PB like a year ago, and found it was great in sandwiches or on rice cakes. Didn’t quite taste the same, but it took only a very short adjustment period. So yeah… actually making it with mixed Soylent would probably work well and be an extraordinarily healthy and balanced PB! Might just have to give that a try myself…

I ate a dry spoonful of it when it first arrived from Amazon, last year, when I expected Soylent to be shipping soon…

Besides the obvious “OMG my mouth is drying out” feeling, it tasted pretty good. I don’t think I could ever quit regular peanut butter though.

I have some PB2 I have been planning on mixing in. I have found that mixing into chocolate milk with a blender is delicious.

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It might help distribute the vanilla flavor a bit more so you wouldn’t have to add as much. I know from another post that you added a lot until all you could taste was the alcohol. Might it be possible to add in the vanilla extract and let the alcohol evaporate? I’d try it myself but my Soylent hasn’t come in yet.

Interesting idea… I don’t know much about how these things interact or behave, so I’m not sure how I would let the alcohol evaporate… just let the vanilla sit for a while?

So I think you’re suggesting I add the vanilla to the water that I use to mix the Soylent in the first place? I guess I could try that on a small partial batch of Soylent… wouldn’t want to use a whole bag in case I messed it all up.


I’ve been drinking Soylent for all of my breakfasts, and it inadvertently ended up being the majority of my dinner last night as I tried out several of the flavors I ordered. My dad has been drinking it for 1 to 2 meals a day and hasn’t had a single Mountain Dew since starting on it. I had a Red Bull today and actually felt like crap afterwards. I hope that’s unrelated because I recently bought a huge pack of it from Costco.


I smelled them all first. Some of them smell really good. Some of them smell like the candle “equivalents” (e.g. how a gingerbread candle doesn’t actually smell like fresh gingerbread).

Pizza - being a pizza lover, I had to try it. My recommendation? Don’t. It tastes/smells nothing like pizza. Whatever it is it isn’t good. :frowning:

Belgian Waffle - smells like maple syrup, tastes like a waffle drenched in it. One of my favorites. Will probably be a frequent mixer for breakfast. :slight_smile:

Pralines and Cream - as someone mentioned in the flavoring Soylent thread, this one is quite good. :slight_smile:

Maraschino Cherry - smelled good, but had a very strong chemical taste. :frowning:

Peanut Butter - tasted almost exactly like the PB2 I tried before, but obviously without the added thickness, but had a weird chemical aftertaste. :-/

Orange (Sweet) - smelled and tasted exactly like those orange gummy slices covered in sugar. I love those things, but it was a weird taste for me in Soylent. I guess my brain just couldn’t reconcile it tasting like candy. :-/

Mint (?) - I had one of the mint flavors. Maybe wintergreen? I don’t quite remember, but I like everything mint. :slight_smile:

Banana Nut Bread - Yum. Makes me want actual banana bread. Convinced one of my roommates to make some. :slight_smile:

Red Licorice - tastes like red vines (not twizzers). Not bad, but like the sweet orange, weird in Soylent. :-/

Fudge Brownie - actually tastes like a fudge brownie with frosting, but has a slight chemical taste too. I think I’ll need to try it again, but I don’t think this will see regular usage. :-/

Root Beer Float - tastes/smells exactly like the A&W Root Beer hard candies. I like those but, again, my brain is having a hard time with candy-flavored Soylent. :-/

Toasted Marshmallow - much stronger smell than regular Marshmallow, which I haven’t tasted yet, but still has a mild taste. Not bad overall. :slight_smile:

Cheesecake w/ Graham Crust - I’m actually not a big fan of cheesecake, but this one’s pretty good. I wish I had some strawberry flavor to mix with it. :slight_smile:

Mango - pretty good, but really just made me want to get some frozen mangoes to actually blend into my Soylent. :slight_smile:

Koolada 10% - this isn’t actually a flavor, and I didn’t put it in my Soylent yet, but it did put a drop on my tongue. It has no smell. Gave a slightly warm sensation when it hit my tongue, and then a slightly cool sensation, so I swished it around and NEARLY DIED. This stuff IS POTENT! It burned my throat pretty good, and I regularly chew methol flavored gum. Thankfully it washed down pretty easy with water. It’ll definitely make whatever you put it in seem cold in your mouth, but it’s terribly strong. I plan to use it with my mint flavorings. :slight_smile:

Menthol Crystals - I haven’t actually don’t anything with these yet, but I stuck my nose in the bag and took a deep breath. I imagine that’s what taking a breath in the Arctic must feel like. I want to out a crystal in my water bottle now… :slight_smile:

I think that leaves me with 19 more flavors to try.


Forgot to mention: The sweet orange flavor actually kinda melted the bottom of the disposable plastic cup I was using for mixing. I got a new cup and started putting the Soylent in first and mixing the oil into that afterwards. The website said that some of the flavors could damage soft plastics. That being said, the flavoring is never going directly into my Takeya pitchers.

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You get the record for the most trials in the shorted period of time! Good Job!

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