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For some reason I find it somewhat terrifying, that this warning is applied to something we’re meant to consume in our bodies. I dunno…


Thankfully, I’m fairly certain that nothing in my body is made of plastic. Now… if they had one that did that to body fat… :smiley:


PSA: Soylent stains black t=shirts. I didn’t notice the Soylent was still on there until I pulled it out of the dryer. :frowning: I sprayed it with some Shout stain remover and will try to wash again…

The spout on my insulated thermos is spring loaded and closed (quite hard) on my upper lip, spilling several splatters on the shirt I was wearing. At work. Thankfully I live very close to the office and was able to run home and change.

This thread contains a fantastic buffet of flavors for people to experience. I can’t wait to see more.

Experimenting for science!

It didn’t happen immediately, but I did experience the horrible mustard gas that everyone has been talking about. I’m still gassy, but it’s not peeling the paint off the walls anymore and doesn’t smell at all most of the time.

The… um… "quality’ of my poo improved greatly over the past two days (hooray fiber), but today I’ve poo’d FOUR TIMES and it’s been a little higher on the Bristol scale than I would like. Unless I’m sick, I’m usually a once-a-day at best kind of guy. Not sure what’s going on there.

I’m in the process of moving (AZ>CA). I plan to play with flavors, etc. more after I’m settled. I did finally find someone who absolutely did not like Soylent. It was one of my co-workers that I’d given a free bag. She said it felt like she was drinking sand and it made her want to vomit. I guess one in 10+ ain’t bad. :smile:

Tried 1/4 teaspoon Hershey’s Special Dark baking cocoa in this morning’s cup. It did not mix well at all. I basically just had a bunch of floating chunks of the stuff. Will need to try it again with the magic bullet. Also, here’s a cross-post from @shadowhawkxx’s Abnormal Soylent Food Experiment Log:

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Another item of note: I am finding it incredibly difficult to have Soylent more than once a day. I’ve had it for lunch a few times, and I think dinner once, but never three times a day. I really like Soylent, but I’m craving “normal food” things far too much and my willpower is not so great.

I think I’ve gone through two jars of peanut butter, two gallons of orange juice, and far more pizza than anyone should be eating since moving three weeks ago simply due to cravings. I’m a pizza-holic, but I specifically crave certain items like orange juice and peanut butter a few times a year. After I get my “fix”, I don’t really crave them again for several months. Despite all this, I have been getting outside and walking a lot and am down about 7 pounds from where I was at before the move. Definitely a good start. :walking:


Definitely a great start. Don’t worry about how often you have Soylent… that’s the true beauty of it IMO, that it just fits in whenever you want it to. It’s the ultimate fallback for when there isn’t something else better available, or you just aren’t in the mood to prepare something. For me that happens to be most of the time, but for others it will be occasionally. Don’t force it and you’’ likely find the place it fits best into your life in no time. :smile:

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The blender will fix that for you, but you can also do it without the blender just shaking as normal. Adding the cocao to the dry powder will solve the problem, just make sure it’s well mixed before adding the water.

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As much as I like the mango Jamba Juice thing, Soylent and frozen mango do not mix well. The flavor is all kinds of wrong. :frowning:

Soylent and banana cream pudding was pretty good. Nowhere near as good as the chocolate IMO, but I’m a huge fan of chocolate, so… grain of salt. The banana cream pudding tasted a lot like cake batter (moreso than plain Soylent). I’ve got a box of french vanilla pudding to try next, but I assume the results will be similar considering Soylent already has a slight vanilla flavor.

I tried a few more of the little bottled flavors I bought, but didn’t keep any logs of which was which. The “baked goods” type seem to be my favorite. With most of the others having too strong of a chemical taste.