This Is Not A Medical Forum


I’m grateful that so many customers have felt the need to warn the community of their particular medical conditions, but from here on out I will be flagging all of these topics as spam.

If you are having a medical issue, you need to consult a doctor. The forum is not going to be of any use to you, and you will only scare off potential customers by making them think your reaction is to the product.



I somehow didn’t get the memo that you were controling things. Good to know.


I’m not a mod, if that’s what you’re asking.


@sylass94 Is your message here targeted at anyone in particular? Seems a little harsh. I’m sure you mean well but can you help us understand what problem you’re trying to solve?


I see one of two things occurring: the mods agree with you and those topics get closed OR they disagree and eventually ban you for being annoying.


I think medical questions are okay on discourse as long as they are related to the consumption of Soylent. If someone is sensitive to something or it triggers a symptom or sorts. But I understand your point and I think it is valid. Doesn’t hurt to report it and see what the mods think.


Off-topic or inappropriate, maybe, but spam? I don’t see it.


If people are having negative reactions to the product, I want to know about it.


This might not be a medical forum, but I like to play doctor.


I see what you did there.


Please make it context based, like @Tordenskjold said, people concerned about eating Soylent with health issues should be allowed to ask about it here.


Ah, I guess I didn’t word myself very well. Yea, if it’s a medical question that’s not a problem. Or if the condition is part of the ongoing discussion. But I’ve seen clearly alarmist posts where people tack on “so proceed with caution”. I’ve not heard of anyone develop a legitimate medical condition from ANY version of Soylent or else it would have made it in the news, hopefully after making it through the appropriate channels first.


Well, I’m certainly glad I read and received this stern warning before I chimed in anywhere about how Soylent lowered my IQ and made me fat.


@sylass94 is talking about people who claim that they got appendicitis after using Soylent for 3 months, and others like that.


This reasoning is a slippery slope, @sylass94. From the beginning, Soylent has been pretty good about allowing any discussion, positive or negative, about their product. Why start censoring now? That’s essentially what you’re suggesting. While a lot of these posts may be without merit, it’s still an opportunity to educate the OP (which is usually done very well here).

That user did not claim they got appendicitis, they merely asked if anyone had experienced similar issues. Seems totally reasonable to me, and topics like this frequently generate valuable discussion.


The title of the thread is “Appendicitis after using Soylent for 3 months”! And the first sentence is, “I’ve just recently had my appendix removed due to appendicitis (burst appendix).”

That was meant just to find an example; I’m not saying any particular thread is reasonable or not. (Although I would say that thread is “silly.”)

There are about a dozen examples to choose from. I don’t want to put words in @sylass94’s mouth, but I think his concern is that new people come to the forums to find out more about the product, see thread topics such as appendicitis, skin rashes, etc, and are scared off the product.


The point of this forum is for self moderating. There is a good team here to agree or disagree with posts. There is nothing wrong with flagging as inappropriate. Other users will agree or disagree, and/or we will do the same.

I think a better topic title would have been better to voice your concern. eg “Lets be careful on giving perceived medical advice” something along those lines.


I apologize for the sloppy wording in the post and title. I didn’t mean to sound like a rogue mod or something. From my side of things, I will flag any post that is clearly accusing Soylent of causing a bad reaction, and I hope others will do the same (but I’m not asking them to).

The forum is not the appropriate place to talk about a legitimately bad reaction, at least not until AFTER the complaint has been settled with Rosa Labs PRIVATELY and the two parties have figured out what happened. It could be a bad batch. It could be the customer’s own fault. Nobody here is going to know why.

These kinds of things should be discussed with the manufacturer and treated like the freak accidents they are.


I disagree, and I’m sure I’m not alone.


I just like things to be as open as possible. And we have many members here who are great at dispelling any falsities that arise. Better to be kind, open, correct wrongs, and teach than to stonewall and censor. IMHO. :blush:


I think the company should be entirely transparent, but I think we disagree about this being considered censorship. I’m confident that RL would tell its customers of any bad reactions upon confirming such a thing. I just don’t see the forum as an appropriate place to start controversy.

I mean, I could make a couple fake accounts, doctor some photos, cook up some “evidence” and trick a good deal of people here into thinking several customers are having the same bad reaction from batch ________. Anyone could, right?

It’s maybe not the best example… but it’s one of the reasons I hope “bad reaction” sounding topics will be dealt with by the company. There are already loads of people out there looking for any reason to have this product labelled unsafe.