This is starting to sound like a scam


Unfortunately this is beginning to sound like a scam. The latest information that said people who purchase a month’s supply in advance will be advanced to the head of the delivery list sounds exactly like a ploy to get more money from people who still have received nothing. The Nigerian scams work in exactly the same manner. I will be as excited as the next person to see this product finally start shipping (assuming it ever does), but looking back at the history of the promises made and broken, all the while the company continues to take money and ask for more, has a little alarm bell going off in my head.


I find the high degree of media exposure and transparency to beta versions, investment dealings, early testers, existing articles using intermittently released samples, etc speak pretty clearly against any duplicity.

Given that many independent sources have confirmed and tested editions of the product that exists, Rosa Labs would have had to put an enormous effort into creating an all-encompassing facade that would be harder to maintain, less profitable, and altogether an inferior plan to… well, making the actual product. They’ve also been pretty open about refunds for anyone put off by the increased wait time.

And finally, as a concrete counterpoint to “this isn’t how new start-ups work”: The Pebble. The Pebble was funded via crowdsourcing, and then took something like a year past original delivery date, and actually ended up at retail prior to backer fulfillment. The Pebble is also considered one of the most successful crowdsourced products in the last year. If that is the low water mark, I think we are okay with a few months delay :grin:

If this were an established company offering an existing product, I’d agree with you on the alarm bells, but I think we’re still comfortably within the window of “wow, start-ups are really complicated, guys…”. Take that how you will, but I prefer to be glad that the Soylent guys have been really up-front about their process and rationale. Oh, and as one more note, a scam site would be pretty likely to just delete your post in an attempt to hide it. I’ll put my bets on Julio/Rob/Someone coming in and addressing your concerns directly and hospitably instead :wink:


I agree with everything Shadowhawk said. In addition, Rob’s face/name is all over the internet. His partners are also visible. I’m 99.9% sure this isn’t a scam, but I guess I won’t know for sure until I receive my batch.


Santa is bringing be a Pebble (I hope!!!)


Thanks for the thoughtful response, Shadowhawk. It’s a shame that we have become conditioned to be so suspicious in this day and age, and I really do hope the product begins shipping in February 2014 (the latest update I’ve seen).


@johncoogan just got a pebble yesterday, incidentally.

@jdenney I can’t really say anything that @shadowhawkxx hasn’t already. We’d be pretty epic conmen if we were able to fool the public, several prominent venture capital firms, a slew of national & international media organizations, etc.


Yeah, I’d almost respect you guys more for the balls it’d take to pull this scale of a con than for producing Soylent.
Almost. :stuck_out_tongue:


@jdenney Where did you read that they plan to begin shipping in Feb?


I believe that was a reference to new orders, not the ones placed past the early shipping cutoff (I don’t know if there was a hard “February” stated, but I think it was at least implied)


Since the company has often said that once initial shipments go out, it will be possible to get new orders as well, a February date for new orders means last-week-of-January at the earliest for the people who originally ordered a single week.