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I placed my order for Soylent back in June 2014. It finally arrived in December, and while I was initially enamored by it, I’ve since come to realize it’s just not for me — in large part because of the (lack of) customer support. I got charged ($255) for my second shipment on January 14, but didn’t receive any sort of tracking info, so I assume it has not shipped. A few days later, I decided I wanted to just cancel the order, get a refund (for the unshipped product), and part ways with Soylent. It’s been over a week since I sent an email asking to do that, and I still haven’t heard anything.

Yesterday, I finally hit the “Cancel subscription” link on the account management page, and received an email saying that I should receive my refund in 5-7 days.

Then TODAY, just for fun, I checked the account management page only to find that there’s a NEW invoice for $216 and some change (apparently there’s a 15% “founder’s discount” applied). Why would they invoice for a SECOND 28-day supply only 14 days after the last time I was charged? At this point, it hasn’t been charged to my credit card, but my indignation shall be righteous if that happens.

I think the most frustrating thing is that there’s literally NO recourse to getting help or answers from this company. You can send an email to their support team, but it appears to be just a black hole.


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They say they are working on it, but they really need to get to the point where they don’t charge you until they are ready to ship. Right now they charge you up to two weeks before shipping. Then it’s always possible for them to have shipping issues and not ship even after the two weeks.

I had a subscription but cancelled it because I had a surplus of Soylent. I can probably get by for another month before I need to restart my subscription. Hopefully they will have improved by then.

So far it seems the best way to get their attention is to start yelling about it on here or their twitter account.


RL isn’t exactly known for their efficient order tracking unfortunately. But really panic canceling an order after 2 weeks was jumping the gun. The below thread should shed some light on the “new” invoice.


If this kind of billing behavior becomes more frequent, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a sudden influx of complaints to banks, credit card companies and the BBB.


There was no panic canceling of anything — the product just isn’t for me. I was excited and gung-ho about it at first, but once the novelty wore off… it’s just not something I’m interested in.

I paid for and received one shipment. I want that to be the end of things. Now, my frustration stems from Soylent’s unresponsiveness. I have been charged for the second shipment, and I have no problem waiting a week for the charge to be refunded. It’s just alarming to see a NEW invoice appear a) only two weeks after the last one and b) after I’d canceled the subscription anyway.

Then the fact that you have virtually no way to contact this company to get answers/resolution is nuts. I thought I was getting lousy customer service with Comcast, but holy cow…


They keep treating this like a manufacturing issue, and while that exits, what they really have is a customer support issue of the highest magnitude. Whoever is in charge of customer relations needs to be sent back to flipping burgers.


You’re not alone in hoping that the influx of $20M will result in the firing of certain people who have been instrumental in making these repeated mistakes in handling customer service.

I would happily carry a pitchfork, if I thought it would help or if I knew the name of the repeat offenders.


Hey guys, per the new policy, please refer all questions/concerns to either the official single order and general, or official subscription customer feedback topic.

Please email the team for your specific concerns.


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