"This is what it's like to attempt drinking Soylent for 30 days"

…and another one:


Maybe it sounds obvious, but if you have the option to choose between eating food or not eating food, you should always choose to eat food.

Not sure if the author knows what hibernation is…

Soylent is the equivalent of eating a frozen Thanksgiving dinner alone in a warehouse

Yet I question how popular Soylent would be if it was available worldwide to widespread hungry populations.

I’m sure the slumdogs of Delhi* set the bar pretty high.

Because for the most part, humans don’t like to eat or drink the same thing over and over.

Because there’s no such thing as cultural cuisine. Countries trade each others eating habits to avoid this repetitive abomination.

There’s an inimitable thrill in eating and preparing different food.

Agreed. Not really the purpose of Soylent though.

The first bite of the extra spicy chicken Pad Thai was euphoric. My eyes rolled back in my head. I saw stars. I reveled in the mild burning of the inside of my mouth.

My hair stood up, energy rushed through my body, the clouds parted and Paula Deen emerged, she whispered sweet (and spicy) nothings in my ear, then my soul was ejected into space and I soared with the finest chefs in the cosmos.

I wish I could have stuck to Soylent longer than a day and a half.

I totally believe you.


It’s apparently a Rutgers University publication. So, bear in mind that’s a college student writing.

Plagiarized from this article? Nice.

I lol’d.


I don’t think it’s possible to plagiarize yourself. :grin:

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lol that article. :stuck_out_tongue:
I really need to step up and eat soylent full time, but ironically I’m too lazy for that :stuck_out_tongue:

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[quote=“wezaleff, post:5, topic:23402”]I don’t think it’s possible to plagiarize yourself.

Yeah, I thought that looked familiar. It’s the same as the Huffington Post blog article linked to here: “I Tried To Give Up Food for 30 Days With Soylent”

The ‘this article’ text is also a link. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the same article, written by the same author, hosted on a different site.

Whups, sorry! I didn’t see that. Phooey, and that would have saved me some time in stating the obvious. :wink:

Wow, you’re right. @inquirerer why’d you post a dupe article?

My bad, guys. I didn’t realize it when I posted it.
Sorry about that!

I’m pretty sure it’s possible to plagiarize yourself. :laughing:

Are you on the powder? The bottles allow maximum laziness.