This Is Your Tongue On Soylent


I listened to a Radiolab podcast recently about a man who couldn’t eat anything due to a medical condition. Unlike Soylent, his nutrition was actually administered intravenously, but the result was that his taste buds dramatically decreased in size. I’m 95% sure its a placebo effect, but I’ve noticed my own tongue feels significantly smoother after only a week.

I’m wondering if anyone who is about to start on an all-Soylent diet would mind snapping a photo of their tongue beforehand so we can see if there is anything to this.


I get my Soylent tonight, I’ll take a picture tonight after I get off work!


You might want to use some blue food coloring to make your tongue’s texture stand out more.


Just make sure you do it tonight.


I’m in Alaska here, and it’ll be later in the night, but I’ll make sure to post it up!

I don’t have any blue food coloring, but I do have a red-purple dye. Do you think that would work?


Anything that provides good contrast should suffice. Blue is the best choice, but really anything that isn’t tongue-colored should do.


I’ll see if I can get my hands on some blue food coloring before I take the picture tonight then! :smile:


I’d snap one before you color it just in case it doesn’t go well.


If you have access to a thin glass plate (for instance, of the variety you’d use for the slides for an optical microscope) then pressing that against your dyed tongue apparently helps a lot when it comes to distinguishing the taste buds in a photo.


Link to the Google Drive where I’m storing the pictures.


My tongue is kinda weird (looks cracked in the middle, difficult to explain). I’ll try to take before and after pictures.


I am also in Alaska, but I am less convinced about this tastebud experiment and dyeing my tongue funny colors and trying to photograph taste buds.

I don’t expect this is one that’ll vary much by gender, anyway. So… Good luck (or lick?), @Kryptic; you can represent the great cold north. :slight_smile:


Now seriously, why am I looking at pictures of a tongue? I thought this thread was a joke.


If you’re interested, listen to the podcast linked in the OP.