"This Recipe May Be the Way to Drink Soylent and Actually Enjoy It"


Seems like they are kind of missing the point of it being easy and full nutrition:

This Recipe May Be the Way to Drink Soylent and Actually Enjoy It


At least she isn’t dismissing the entire premise of Soylent out of hand, I suppose. But it does sort of seem like, “Hey, here’s something really easy to replace your meals that lasts for a year!” “Great, let’s put it in a hard-to-wash kitchen appliance with some food that spoils really fast and add 10 minutes of prep time!”


Make it taste better by adding kale to it? These people are absolutely drunk on their own koolaid.


I would be really happy if people did this rather than trying to follow t he various ‘cleanse’ diets out there.


Mmmmmm… kale.



What is kale doing in there?? I’ve had spinach in smoothies before, but kale? Waaay too overpowering!

What’s the point of this anyway? Why not just make a regular smoothie? They’re obviously not going for complete or balanced nutrition by adding so much random stuff…


Kale is gross.


The thought I so often have when drinking Soylent, or eating anything really: “You know what would make this taste better? More kale!”

(I do actually quite like kale, but crikey. Hey, maybe the recipe’s delicious, I dunno.)


Or in this case, their kaleaid.


“Look at the Kale, Geordie! LOOK AT IT!!”


Holy crap that Jim Carrey is funny!