This seems problematic


My email, dated MAY 8.

*** Your subscription confirmation ***

Thank you for subscribing with Soylent. Your order details are:

Description: Soylent - 28 Bags / 28 Days
Quantity: 1
Total: $255.00 per 4 weeks

You have been charged for your first delivery of Soylent, but your subscription will not begin until your first order ships.

Starting on that date, you will receive 28 bags of Soylent, shipped every 28 days.

Logging into the customer portal it says:
Signed up on 10-Jun-2014. Your first delivery will be made 10-12 weeks after your signup date. Your card will not be charged again until your second delivery ships.

Did I just get assigned an extra month wait?


They give the same message to all subscriptions. If you already received your backer order, it should arrive in a week or two. Mine came in just under a week


I think I remember reading somewhere that it was some sort of mistake?(not sure though) I ordered a subscription on May 13 (new customer) and I have the same date aswell.

I am curious though what would Julio’s reply would be, or anyone from the Soylent team.



In the email after the migration you could read that it was due to the migration so every customer has that date and it’s not relevant.


That is a relief. I don’t recall getting another email.


Sorry about the confusion, @marion – your signup date is not displayed correctly in the portal but it will definitely be used for determining your first delivery date.

Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread [updated 8/8]

Hi @JulioMiles,

Does that mean that the order will ship out 10-12 weeks after our order date or after the sign up date listed on the portal(or neither)?


After actual order date. The signup is just proforma caused by migration stuff.


The order will ship in 1 to 2 years. Sorry for the delay.