This teen wants to live alone in the wilderness with a drone that delivers Soylent


This is an echo of Kafka, who wrote that his dream was to sit at his table and write all day every day, and his housekeeper would leave his meals at his door. He would have loved Soylent.


I already kind of do this. Right on, let’s get this drone thing happenin’.


More than his housekeeper for sure

Asplain please please?

Have you not seen the pictures from his back porch? Remote, and beautiful. I’m envious.

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I can see a drone easily lifting an ferrying bags of 1.5 (soon to be 1.6). I’d be super impressed with a drone delivering 2 or 3 boxes of 2.0.


Next model will be a t-1000 whose body surrounds the box of soylent for the best possible protection!

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“The 184” drone ship from Ehang can carry payloads of up to 220 pounds and has an average flight time of 23 minutes.

Zero emissions, autonomous flying, and fairly weather resistant cabin. Any mass market business could do wonders with a small fleet of these. Add a trap door and tack parachutes onto boxes.

Zero Motorcycles are another high tech line of vehicles. Fully electric and impressive ranges - over 160 city miles on more expensive models.

These could be modified to self-balance and deliver packages autonomously alongside “The 184”, or as a backup delivery mode if the weather doesn’t permit airborne deliveries.


More than zero motorcycles, vehicles like the nissan landglider would i think be more suitable for delivery.



Just not to Europe, right?