Thoughts and Experiences Journal


Just received my 1 month batch of soylent, wanted to create a thread to journal my thoughts and experiences for later review, figured it would be more useful here than in a blog. Just riffing a bit, so don’t take anything I say here too seriously, here goes

-Packaging was as nice as I expected. I think they could fit two weeks in the 1 week boxes to save on cardboard, but I don’t think it would save them any on shipping, and would definitely increase handling costs.

-The ziploc mechanism at the top of the bag didn’t hold too well for me, the first thing I did was try to add the <1/4 teaspoon of salt to the bag, seal it and shake… ziploc wouldn’t hold by itself and I spilled a bit, holding it firmly with my hand while shaking worked just fine though.

-Wondering how many scoops were in a bag, I counted 5 1/2, makes the math a bit wonky if you’re going to make half a day’s worth, but maybe I should just get better at fractions.

-Mixed half a batch before going to the gym, tasted a bit, much sweeter and stronger taste than I expected, the salt I added is definitely very prominent. Will be interesting to see how they mask it in future versions. Going to mix a batch at work tomorrow without the salt.

-Drinking a mug before bed, probably not the best idea, but I’ve never been a very patient person. Was having a bit of heartburn at the gym, probably the Reuben I had at lunch. Every time I swallow some soylent the heartburn flares up a bit, chasing it with water works though.

-Flavor is definitely getting more bland as I go, I view this as a good thing, Not a fan of sweet, (ironic because I’m a long time soda addict)

-Wondering exactly what parts of the mix are sticking to the sides of my mug/pitcher.How much does this waste throw off the nutritional balance. Have they accounted for the sticky substances and added more to compensate? I know some vitamins/minerals tend to be stickier than others.


Personal feedback:

  1. I use pitchers, not scoops.
  2. I add the 1/4 tsp of salt after I pour the powder into the pitcher but before the water.
  3. At the end of the day when I have consumed the day’s allotment and there are chunks stuck in the pitcher: I pour a tiny amount of purified water in. Shake, pour into a glass and drink. Does not get 100% of the particles, but grabs most of them. Would be an extremely tiny portion of nutrients leftover.


-Drank a full mug this morning (Day 2), wen’t down fairly easy. Brought a box, and the takeya pitcher to work, made a full batch when I got there without salt,

-Drank another two mugs before lunch, not feeling much of an effect thus far, not feeling overly full, just satisfied.

-Had mexican for lunch, ordered off the appetizer menu, ate really small.

-Feeling a bit tired in the afternoon. Not unusual, hoping to eliminate this phenomenon as my body balances out.

-Gas increase is slight, but still noticeable, haven’t experienced any other side effects yet.

-Got offered some scotch before leaving work, smell made me a little queezy so I passed.Stomach feels ok overall though, and I don’t have a strong tolerance for alcohol to begin with, so not entirely unexpected.

-Had about a quarter of a pitcher left before leaving work, had a bit of help from my coworkers. Nobody seemed to dislike the taste.

-Made another pitcher after getting home. Decided to skip the salt for this pitcher as well, thinking of making popcorn tomorrow, (one of the few things I enjoy cooking, olive oil tastes the best)

-I ordered more of those takeya pitchers from amazon. Probably should have chosen a faster shipping method, making soylent in a traditional 1 gallon pitcher is a lot of work. Clumping was an issue, I ended up pressing individual chunks against the side of the pitcher with the back of a large spoon. Interesting to see, because even the small clumps looked practically dry on the inside after being crushed.

-Thinking about it now, there wasn’t any real time difference making it with the spoon vs the airtight pitcher. It just sucked having to be so much more careful not to spill. The airtight pitcher made the process a lot more carefree.

-Didn’t hit my target for water consumption today, feeling a bit thirsty, going to have to chug a bit before bed.


(Day 3)

-Dreamt about pizza last night. Dreaded my soylent a bit this morning, but once I tasted it I felt better about it.

-stool was a couple shades lighter, much denser and had much less volume than normal. Makes sense, I’ve heard the same thing (aside from the color) happens with vegetarian diets.

-Much less gas than yesterday, pretty sure the mexican food was the culprit there

-Have been thinking about gut bacteria, need to do more research into the subject. I have a slightly irrational fear of creating a bacterial mono-culture by consuming too much of a single food. Although I realize the ingredients in soylent are diverse enough that it shouldn’t really be a problem.

-Had to take a nap in the middle of the day, heat here is driving me nuts, hope summer is over soon.

-Didn’t quite make it all the way through my pitcher today. I could finish it off, but I don’t see a reason to over stuff myself.