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I started Soylent on 1.4, so this is my first time changing to a new version. I have seen a lot of people complaining that they thought that 1.4 was too sweet, and if 1.5 is any indication of what it used to taste like I can see why they said that. It tastes like I am drinking water that was served out of a glass that someone drank 1.4 out of without being cleaned. It is very, very bland. It is also about half the thickness in regards to viscous as well. It makes me wonder how long it will make me feel satiated between meals. I am just starting out on this, so I suppose I will see, but I am a bit concerned about the changes. The loud vocal minority who were complaining that it was too sweet seems to have swayed Rosa Labs to them making this as bland and tasteless as possible. There also seems to be quite a bit of an aftertaste too. It’s not very pleasant.


I don’t believe I ever heard anyone say 1.4 was too sweet, just that they did not like the flavor of 1.4.

They did try to make 1.5 more neutral tasting to appeal to a wider amount of people. It sounds like by what you are saying that you agree it is more bland.

I would encourage you to look at some of the threads on flavoring Soylent and try to flavor it to make it more palatable. People have had good luck with chocolate and peanut butter, along with many other things.


It’s funny, I have lurked this thread for quite a while. I like the community here and everyone is very helpful. I ordered chocolate and peanut butter flavoring that I saw people recommended, but perhaps because 1.4 did not have as neutral of a flavor profile, I preferred it without it. After trying 1.5, I thought about trying the powders again and seeing how it would fare with the more neutral flavor of 1.5. Hopefully it mitigates the aftertaste somewhat. Thanks for your advice though. I love how everyone here is so solution oriented.


Now I’m beginning to get worried. I rather enjoyed the “thickness” of 1.4. I feel it helps satiate me until my next meal. I don’t know if I can go for 4-6 hours between meals if 1.5 is like drinking milk.


As far as taste and texture go, 1.3 was my favorite so far. I really like 1.4 though. I like the gritty texture of both. A lot of people complain about it being “slimy,” but I like it a lot. Wonderful stuff. I agree with xmathematicsx, however, if 1.5 is thin, like milk, I’m concerned that it won’t keep me feeling sated. I just got my box yesterday though, so I’ll try it out today and post my impressions.


Don’t worry, the liquid is still “loaded”. The lesser flavor and thickness will create initial disappointment, but dismiss all that. Give it few days for adjustment, for me 1.5 doesn’t feel deficient anymore.
I think a lot of disappointment here is voiced after psychological blow is delivered by new formulation. The taste and craving have really powerful influence on us, especially for those of us who use Soylent as 90%+ of sustenance. It may feel like carpet was pulled form under you.


OK. After drinking 1.5, the texture is a little smother than 1.4. It’s not “slimy,” but I didn’t think 1.4 was either, so what do I know. Taste wise, 1.5 tastes like 1.4 minus a little flavor to me. I like it. 1.5 is very thin when you first mix it, but it seems to thicken up a bit if you leave it in the fridge for a while. 1.5 seemed to want to clump to the side of the mixing pitcher slightly more than 1.4 did.

I like it. I use Soylent for nearly all of my meals and will continue to do so.


I noticed that too, that v1.5 clumps far more than v1.4 did. I’m going to try different preparation methods each batch and see what happens. That is, if the clumps don’t dissipate with an overnight sit in the fridge.

After I made my first batch of v1.5 (according to the bag’s instructions as a control) mixed in with the slight amount of foam at the top were many clumps I had to mush around with a fork, as well as a significant amount stuck to the side of the clean pitcher. I’m not sure if it’s the new formulation or the preparation method that’s causing this or possibly both.

One of my main concerns is sodium was ever so slightly reduced for flavor reasons, not nutritional ones. Not that in particular but that a nutrient reduction was motivated by flavor. I worry (probably unfounded) that flavor/marketing is taking precedent over nutrition.


Correct the method. Put 1/5th of water, dump the bag in, pour more water on top of powder slowly trying to soak the top of powder pile evenly. Fill to 5/6th, then shake up/down. This is avoid letting dry powder hit the underside of the lid, where it clumps.


It does seem like this release focused more on flavor, but I think that was because of so many complaining about 1.4 flavor. (Not a majority, but a sizable amount of people.)

They seem to largely have focused on the areas people were complaining about, and largely seem to have made improvements in those flavor areas. By all accounts, people who disliked 1.4, either like 1.5 or at least dislike 1.5 less than they disliked 1.4.

Obviously not everyone is satisfied on taste, but the biggest complaints now seem to be centering around what is lacking nutritionally now. Perhaps they will focus on that more in the future.


I’m not sure they’ve ever NOT focused overwhelmingly on nutrition. It’s not either/or in terms of taste versus nutrition. I suspect that RL thought that the flavor part was where the catch-up was needed. Based on the changes in the macro ratios between 1.3 and 1.4, they clearly have put most of their thought into nutrition over time. Those sorts of changes don’t come unless a lot of intermediate steps were taken behind the scenes first, which suggests that attention was pretty well focused on that dimension (plus the gas, which is not wholly unrelated). Additional nutritional changes were made for 1.5 as well, conceivably as significant as those that happened to the flavor/texture profile of the product (which is to say, not all that much).


Why not just continue the discussion in Log your opinions of v1.5 here, instead of starting a duplicate thread?

Also, I’ve read four posts from different people worrying if v1.5 will keep them satiated, since it is thinner than v1.4. Serious question: instead of speculating that it won’t keep you full, why not just wait a day, and then report if v1.5 keeps you feeling full or not?

(The last question is not aimed at OP, per se, but to everyone who posts worries that can easily be proved valid or not.)

I love lurkers! (Seriously.)


Nice question.

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