Thoughts on Boron in Soylent Recipes


I’ve been trying to find more information on the inclusion of boron in a soylent recipe. My preliminary reading suggests that boron may be important to the body, but it is very easy to take too much. It’s the only element that has an RDA (in the US) that is not accounted for in Rob’s original formula. Supplements do exist, but I haven’t seen many recipes in this forum that include Boron. Rob mentioned it in an article from Vice many weeks ago when he first started with Soylent ( and said that he “advocate[s] supplementing Soylent with conventional food.” Has anyone else pondered this that can weigh in?

Most boron supplements I’ve found are roughly 3mg a capsule, and the American tolerable UL (for a woman my age) is 20mg, so it seems like a safe quantity, but I’ve also read that boron supplements can be bad for people with “hormone-sensitive conditions” which includes me.

In a comment to one of his original blog posts, Rob said “Boron is an ultratrace mineral, no deficiency symptoms have ever been described, and it’s biological role is not understood. But I’ll probably add it to the mixture just to be safe.” However, my reading suggests that it can lead to osteoarthritis. And I don’t see any mention of it in his follow-ups so I’m not sure he ever did add it (or if he did it was off the record).

This is mostly an open call for comments and opinions.


Reading about Boron (quickly), it appears it is one of those minerals that could mess up an entire recipe. It changes the absorption amount and rate for Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D.

As soon as I figure out what I am doing (probably never) I will probably add Boron to my recipe as it’s benefits coincide with my goals. Although I will have to do way more research on how it affects other minerals.


I decided to add a little bit of Boron to my recipe this weekend. It does affect the absorption of calcium and magnesium. But my diet is already high in calcium so I figured i couldn’t hurt. Also I still don’t trust the numbers on magnesium.
And it only added $0.05 to the cost.