Three guys doing a 2.0 chugging contest


That guy who won the Nathan’s Hot Dogs contest back in July should do a Soylent 2.0 challenge.

A 10,000 calories via 25 bottles of Soylent 2.0!

… or am I being too soft? :smiley:


Might get the sh*ts from all the magnesium…

I know all press is good press but all these reviews with the word “challenge” don’t inspire confidence…


3 Guys 1 Soylent

*banned from forum forever *
[Is it really a challenge though? I can’t load the video, but I’d like to imagine them opening the bottle, expecting all hell, and then sipping on it like proper gentlemen when they taste it. ]

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You’re not far off. There was a challenge to see who could drink four bottles the fastest. They each had lots of reservations, and two of them complained quite frequently. But once the ‘challenge’ portion was over and the unknown was now known, they all expressed pleasant delight and willingness to consume Soylent in the future.


Thank you!
That brings good thoughts that soylent can appeal to many more, now.

How about a Soylent Mile?
Like the beer mile
… I’ve done this with chocolate milk although the rules specify 12oz per lap and a bottle of 2.0 is more like 14.