Three ingredient recipe


It’s the file ‘3IngRecipe.xlsm’.

I’m ready for the Haterade lol.
Too much b-carotene (Vitamin A)? It’s not toxic (that would be retinol) but it can turn your skin orange. If you start to notice problems, buy white carrots. They exist.

Too much niacin?

Actually, the UL is when people begin to experience flushing, it’s not until 1500mg or above that people experience toxicity.

Any other problems?

It should be really tasty. Carrots are tasty, nutritional yeast is (oddly) delicious, and the canola oil should barely be noticeable.

Costs about 3.50 per day. I thought it was a little more than that though so maybe I made a mistake.

It’s pretty pure, being about 93% nutrients by mass.

Also, dried carrots can last for 15 years stored in a cool, dark place.

And only about 21% of the b-carotene is actually released, if you consider “pulped” the same as chewed.

All in all, it’s about 1.7Lbs of food, 33-40% what the average American eats in a day. To me, that means 60-67% less useless material to get rid of.

Oh and I forgot, duh, it’s also vegan.

and, don’t forget to get some sunshine! Or add cod liver fish oil.

I finally mixed some of it and holy crap is it tasty!
This is definitely my favorite recipe.


Haha, that is pretty awesome :grin:
Did you check if it’s the right kinds of proteins?
You’d also be lacking a nice balance of o3:o6, but as the entire world shows, that won’t actually kill you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Because all the fats come from the canola oil, and canola oil has a 1:2 n-3:n-6 ratio, the ratio should be close to optimal.

But yeah, I haven’t checked the protein content yet, good idea.

Hmm, it’s a toss-up. The carrot provides all of the essential amino acids, but there are 2 it is very slightly short on. These are most likely made up for by the nutritional yeast, but I’ll have to email the company to get information that specific.

I would say it’s likely that the protein content will meet your needs.

Nutritional yeast is in fact a complete protein, so that makes it even more likely, but I’m still not certain until I email the manufacturer.


heh, that’s amazingly simple. Vitamin A and E seem to be way too high though?

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Oh, don’t worry, the excess vitamin E isn’t a problem and the vitamin A is entirely from b-carotene, so the worse that could happen is your skin will turn orange lol.

assuming that it’s orange, you could call it Soylent Orange! :smiley: i’m a genius

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Hey, I’d like to give your recipe a shot, but I don’t have excel, and Mac Preview and Google Docs don’t seem to be able to convert these correctly. Can you possibly list out the ingredient names and or links to the products online? Thanks!

I’m having trouble with this spreadsheet… Where is the nutritional data for the individual items so I can port it to the soylent website? And what are the actual amounts of each item, rather than just “servings”?

Seems like it was just Libreoffice not liking it… got it open in microsoft’s spreadsheep reader, but I don’t have access to edit anything in that >.< Ah well.

So… 700 grams of dehydrated carrots, huh?

Where the heck are you buying that for that cheap? The cheapest I’ve found anywhere seems to be around $4 a pound, and that’s for buying a BUNCH all at once…

I’m intrigued, but also having trouble with the spreadsheet. Please post the recipe!

I know this is an old topic, but I’m curious about it. Has anybody taken this recipe seriously enough to actually use it? I like the simplicity of it, but are there problems with it?

can you re-share the recipe? I’m curious to take a look

It’s been a long time lol. My drop box account no longer exists. Given that I listed the recipe though, it should take me no time to figure out what the amounts were for each ingredient.

It was

  1. Dehydrated carrots (700g)
  2. Nutritional yeast (?)
  3. Canola oil (?)

I’ll mess with the numbers and see if I can produce the correct amounts of each again.

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interesting, can you actually get enough of all the nutrients you need,
wouldnt think yeast has that much.
Did you actually try it? doesn’t seem sustainable.
Have you tried any other iterations?

Whatever I had would have met your DVs yes. It was almost entirely dehydrated carrots if I remember correctly. Nutritional yeast is made as a supplement for vegetarians. It’s very high in B vitamins (including B12 usually).

One of the comments says it had 700g of dehydrated carrots. It was way over on some nutrients, but I evaluated my formulas against the upper limits, and it was safe in that regard.

Based on my comments it did not meet the DV for vitamin D, hence I said to get some sunshine lol.

Based on 700g of dehydrated carrots, it should be no trouble to figure out how much nutritional yeast you need (to meet B vitamin needs) and canola oil you need (to meet fat needs).