Throwing away good product

@Conor, how much remaining 1.6 stock are you guys discarding?

I can understand halting sales of food bar (advertised as an occasional snack) when some customers report extreme nausea…

But powder is a STAPLE for many of us!

This is more than an inconvenience.

Refund to those with issues, halt non subscriber sales and sales to new customers… fine.

But please allow those of us long time subscribers who haven’t had any issues to buy up the remaining stock!


I never throw away good product. I demand the best, which is why I won’t throw out anything less than great product. That’s just how I choose to live my life.


Legal mumbo jumbo is tying their hands. An extremely tiny portion get sick and it’s costing the company reputation points and money. And it is going to cost us zero product for possibly months.

People already mistrust a product like this. Food purists look at it as a threat to food and this only confirms their suspicions but only superficially.

It must be some genetic thing that only affects a tiny portion of people. Something like this was bound to happen. I am surprised that this is the first time which goes to show how mild to the body this food product is.


This is the first time?

I could be wrong but I never seen Soylent recall any of their products or outright tell people to throw out remaining product (Soylent Bars.) The “issues” from customers have always been about the taste and consitency. There’s usually a battle between textured, like 1.3, or smooth, like 1.4.


Every version has had “issues” exactly like this. It’s just that they are bigger now so more legally conservative.

Not enough to cause a halt in production or recall a product. There will always be something in a food item that affects someone. Many have allergies to dairy and gluten. Some have rare allergies to particular ingredients. Some have medical conditions and are extra sensitive. It’s almost impossible to make a food product that doesn’t negatively affect someone. The company found no toxins. This problem isn’t on the same level as the Chipolte company.

I could imagine people out there being sensitive to algae. Soylent is probably the first time most of us ever had consumed algae so I could see one’s discovering an allergic reaction to it. If people are sensitive to the algae, it isn’t necessarily the fault of the company just as a diary farmer isn’t at fault if one is allergic to dairy. But at the same time, this is a staple food item for many and this isn’t a cup of milk so their options are limited. Making it so that those with algae sensitivities can still consume S oylent is smart for the business and good for those with these sensitivities. It would be cool for them to be accommodated.


Omg - lactose intolerent people that drank milk yesterday felt ill, slaughter all cows. It is the only way.


By today’s standards they would have. But it’s silly today too, so we are in violent agreement!

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It is indeed a sad day when the legal team’s risk aversion results in the company letting down 99.9% of their (powder) customers.

Reliability doesn’t seem to be one of their goals. Kinda important for those using the product as a diet replacement.


I am not sure exactly what problems they could face if they do continue selling 1.6 so I really can’t say. It could be cold corporate decision making or it could be them wanting to avoid going against the federal government or lawsuits which may harm the company more than this has.

Many depend on this product so I would hope it wasn’t a cold calculation at the expense of the customers.

It was an FDA demand.

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I see, well that sucks…

Unfortunately I can’t give out those numbers.

Maybe it’s not 99%, but more and RL is being quiet about it.

It was a very hard decision.


That’s how the ball bounces. You guys still have my business. Looking forward to 1.7.

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I would like to offer help with safe disposal of this dangerous product.

My facility can provide disposal at no cost to Rosa Labs, please feel free to send a batch of 3 months’ worth of the product so I can devise a process with the least environmental impact.


I’m pretty sure I know how to convert it to fertilizer.


I imagine with such a new innovative product, it is about optics. You have to prove your product or company is 100% reliable and concerned about optics. We all know that the 1.6 is still good. I, for one, liked the idea about algae flour.