Tim Ferriss on Soylent



Great article! Fair minded and well written.


Finally! An intelligent article with an account of a serious two-week trial by someone who actually followed through on it. This has to be just about the first and only article in the (non-Soylent) blogosphere that was worth reading and conveyed something of the actual experience, instead of the prejudices of the author.

Good work guys. It wouldn’t hurt to find a few more like him and set them up with one-month supplies. Probably the best PR move you could make.


I agree, this was great. And he posted lab work to back his mood.

I do think that some people have been on DIY Soylent for more than 2 weeks though.


This made for very interesting reading. I notice that Shane’s picture of the v0.8 ingredient list includes a separate multivitamin and fish oil capsules! That explains why only a partial list of ingredients has been released so far.


And that, we finally got a full description of v0.8


The article I find really good, Tim’s comments and the comments of others I find kind of damming.

I am curious though, one person brought up cholesterol. My cholesterol has been declining at a steady pace since I have been on Soylent. This appears to be a bad thing.
I will start another thread with this and see what the responses are.


Honestly I am not sure Tim Ferriss added anything to the debate about soylent. I think he was fair but it wasn’t anything new or even all that interesting.


Apparently Soylent does need a blender. Which is a bummer.


Not at all true! We are experimenting with airtight pitchers that give a great experience – pour in powder, fill with water, seal, shake. Takes 90 seocnds tops and clump-free.


I knew I should have purchased that paint shaker when I had the chance :wink:


That is a fair amount of shaking though. But I guess we can’t have everything. And thanks for the effort!


The shaker bottles that have the little wire balls in the bottoms work pretty effectively at mixing powdered drinks. If that’s not enough, I think I’ve seen containers with little motors in the bottom and miniature blade, like you’d find on a blender.


The sarcasm is strong with you, sir. But considering the hour it takes me to make three days worth of my own version which saves, at minimum, an hour and a half between those three days for lunch break alone, I think I will be perfectly content with a little a little morning boogie to get things rolling.



Not if you live in an apartment with other people. Can’t make the blender go off every morning before the others are awake.


yeh, mixing and all!


I’ll be starting my own week of Soylent once @rob & crew get my batch shipped (I run the product reviews section at Ars Technica). While I won’t be doing the comprehensive blood test and physical workup featured in Tim & Shane’s piece, I am intending to write a long-form piece on the subjective experience.

A week isn’t really long enough for more than some basic first impressions, but I’m hopeful that Rob will let me tag along with the rest of the beta group and re-order a few times. FWIW, I’m also a Soylent backer, so I’ll be consuming it regularly post-release (though I likely won’t get my first regular shipment until December).

I like to think I’m not coming in with any particular prejudices one way or another. I’m not a dietician or a nutritionist, nor am I a health food enthusiast or food blogger. I’m just a geek who often writes through lunch to make deadlines, and the idea of chugging a glass of Soylent so I don’t have to leave my desk is appealing.

I won’t be passing judgment, except to say whether or not I enjoyed the experience and whether or not I feel healthy and want more Soylent. I do intend to consult at least one doctor about Soylent and get an opinion, and I’ll likely consult with our science editor and his guys for some, you know, science-y talk. My intent is to inform, but also to entertain. If Soylent gives me the farts, I’ll say it gives me the farts. If I magically lose 20 lbs, then I’ll report that—though I suspect a 20 lb weight loss in 5 days is not a good thing and also likely violates thermodynamics.

So, we’ll see.


You could try for 20 lbs in 5 seconds.
It’s just a flesh wound!
It’s just a flesh wound!


People seem to talk about an adaptation period. I suspect that in one week that’s all you’ll experience, and those tend to not be pleasant.


I’m imagining the bottle that Soylent ships with as something like this: