Time between release of 1.4 and 1.5


Interestingly, the average (75.25 days) is pretty close to the latest time period, between 1.3 and 1.4. (76 days)

In turn, the current wait (71 days as of me writing this) is pretty close to both of those numbers.

Would I be surprised to see it go 80 or 90 days in between this time? No.
Would I be surprised to see it go 154 or more days (time between 1.0 and 1.1) in between this time? Yes.

If nothing else, looking at the wait times has given me an upper bound on what I would consider normal.


Where can I see when 1.5 begins shipping?


I would assume they will announce it on the blog when it starts shipping. They have for the previous ones.

Also, there will probably be many-a threads on it on this message board within hours of the announcement.


It has now been released.

Also, I updated the initial post to reflect the days since 1.4.


Somebody asked on the facebook page if they order today will they receive 1.5, Soylent replied: “Yes.”


Yes. See the official thread on the 1.5 release for more information. I was just updating the timeline in this thread now that it has been released.


156 days (5 months and 3 days) since the last version of the powder formula.

Ignoring the possibility that any new edition (bottled, solid, flavors, etc.) resets the counter, this breaks the record of longest time between versions.

I’m now a bit eager to see how long this hiatus will continue.


One thing I see as far as the activity on discourse is there really aren’t a lot of complaints on 1.5 like there were on the earlier version. Early 1.x had gas/digestion issues which was probably the main thing driving changes. 1.4 was slimy/had consistency or texture issues. I don’t see a lot of complaints on 1.5.


They mentioned updating to 1.6 to use algae like 2.0 does.

But yea, not really any complains about 1.5


Well, I think a lot of complaints about 1.4 turned into complaints about 1.5 also – the essence was that neither were 1.3! So those people left and aren’t here to complain about 1.5.

I have liked every version of Soylent since I started with 1.2, but 1.3 was a particular favorite of some of us.


Soylent 1.5 still causes me horrible gas if I use it for more then 2/3 of my caloric intake. I am counting pennies so I can’t afford Soylent 2.0 and therefore am desperately waiting for the powder version to catch up to 2.0.


Did you try 2.0 for more than 2/3 of your caloric intake?


Yes! Soylent 2.0 is incredible. I felt great and had no gas! I would be 100% on Soylent 2.0 if I could. Unfortunately my wife can’t figure out why spending more money than we make each month is a bad thing. Therefore, even though I make well over $100,000 a year, I can’t afford an extra $100 a month to go with the premixed version. My DIY is around $150 a month. I haven’t decided if I have to drop Soylent completely or just stick to the powder.


I also get pretty bad gas from 1.5. I didn’t get gas at all from 1.4.


I thought 1.5 was slightly better than 1.4. Not enough to make a real difference for me though.


I only make 40k a year and can afford 2.0…


Yep. It is sad. I don’t want to throw off the thread so I will leave it at that.


The gas on 1.5 is still bad enough to require beano before each serving. It’s almost totally gone with 2.0. Whatever change to the formula they made for 2.0 would be nice to extend to the powdered version, too, to eliminate the gas to a comparable degree. That would be my biggest complaint with 1.5. I like the taste and convenience of 2.0 better (I am really sick of those Takeya pitchers), but if the gas part is fixed to the same degree as 2.0 and the flavor gap between the two is narrowed, I’ll probably stick with a 50/50 ratio between the two, with maybe a slight edge to 2.0. Otherwise, I find myself drifting more and more into 2.0. For the sake of cost, I hope 1.6 comes out soon.


I was really expecting some sort of announcement given that we’re coming up on almost 200 days now between powdered releases, so because of the absence I’m rather curious what has caused the versioning to slow so much…

hopefully rosa labs’s next update will be a significant one


I’m hoping for a powder much more like 2.0. @rob said the next powder version was expected “later this year” (in August), so I’m not considering it late until January.