Time for a questionaire speedround! (speculation welcome)


All right you crazed orthorexics (that I love so much), time to answer some questions. Long or short, sourced or speculative, gimme what ya got and we’ll see what we can make of it.

1… 2… 3…


I) The homepage of Soylent describes the function of protein as either a source of metabolic energy OR building blocks. If my body has completely finished tightening the proverbial screws for the day, does that mean at a certain point I’m just burning protein? If so, couldn’t I just use carbs for that?

I-B) If the former is incorrect, does that mean metabolic energy is the priority and protein is burned before being used as building blocks? If so, would insufficient carbs mean protein loss and thus inadequate … blocks?

II) I’ve read a lot about our ability to synthesize these 11 “non-essentials”. Since it isn’t possible (yet) to monitor how many of them I actually synthesize every day, wouldn’t it be safer to just consume all 20? If not, is it because I ALWAYS synthesize these 11 proteins, assuming all the energy and vitamins are available to help?

III) According to Soylent, ALA Omega-3’s can be converted into longer chains like DHA. They don’t mention if Soylent actually contains the short chained ALA’s themselves. Can I reverse the conversion if I don’t get my ALA’s? Do I even need those?

IV) If phosphorous is critical for the various processes of ATP, could I add more to supercharge my cells?

V) If niacin helps produce hormones, could I add more to increase my testosterone and turn into a MANLY MAN!?

VI) Alpha-Tocopherol helps gene expression modification. Could I add more to help modify more genes (preferably the bad ones)?

VII) Zinc apparently assists in apoptosis. Since cancer is the accumulation of too many wonky cells (that’s science talk of course), would additional zinc help mitigate a healthy person’s cancer risk?

VIII) Phosphorus, Iodone, Calcium and Iron all exceed daily RDA’s. Are these elements often lost in poor absorption or excretion?

VIV) Is the SCHIZOchytrium used as oil the reason I’m so paranoid? Wait, don’t answer that. I don’t trust you…

X) The zinc and manganese are sulfates. Is that why my farts are so strong I don’t need to wax my nono’s anymore?


XI) Rob mentioned that Soylent has probiotics. Were these removed in the 1.3 formula or am I just not seeing them in the nutrition label?

XII) (Completely unrelated to nutrition) The IoT is on its way, as well as neocortical simulations. Given this…

Should we let other creatures have a wifi-connected neocortex? If wireless chips could reach the size of a micrometer, should we let insects have this ability?

What would your cats tweet? O.O


Cats would never lower themselves to that level.


The body uses protein for building blocks or energy as needed. Protein is used as a last resort, as it’s the hardest to break down. So unless you’re starving and have no more fat reserves, you won’t have to worry about your body using up needed protein (unless you need more than what is provided).

Soylent has all 20 amino acids. Some of the nonessential amino acids are still recommended since the synthesis process is less than ideal. If you look up the amino acids you can learn about each. I believe your body just synthesizes what it needs of most of the amino acids, so you don’t need to worry about tracking what your body makes.

I believe ala can be synthesized by the body.


Yeah, tweeting’s for the birds.


Oy! How did I not see that coming…


Thank you! I had some kind of knowledge about these first 3 questions but I didn’t want to make guesses. I think Soylent is unique among other protein-heavy foods with its 20 aminos. Could be wrong but I’ve looked at all sorts of protein powders and in addition to only containing 3-9 essentials, it’s always got wicked amounts of sodium or saturated fat or sugar.

I guess you realized the other questions were taking a sharp decline into satire… I was half serious for a few though.

For example, do you know if 1.4 will still contain probiotics or were those the “enzymes” removed from 1.1?


I mostly just didn’t have time to answer the others. Depending on how conscious I am when I get home, I’ll answer what I can of the others.


Wait, what?


Same argument as above. But if all these are consumed more than the body can excrete, they could create a problem.


I think we should. They can better communicate with each other where the good stuff to eat is. After all the planet needs insects too, so the more healthy they are the more healthy the planet will be.


Ya know, you are posing university-level questions in the science of nutrition, to an audience of amateurs like yourself. If you do an internet search on “online nutrition courses” you will find a whole bunch of actual university-level nutrition courses for free, for example,



and in fact whole pages that just list these courses, like



So you should take one and become a resource instead of sharing in our common ignorance and speculations.


I took the Coursera track last year and read a different book on nutrition every few weeks.

Did you just call me ignorant?




Anyone not being paid to do whatever is being discussed, is an amateur. I’m an amateur at damn near everything.


The body can not synthesis ALA that’s why the USDA considers it essential. Your body uses ALA to make DHA but it does so extremely poorly. Studies are showing that the body actually wants DHA and EPA in greater quantities than the human body can make.


Volunteer firefighters are amateurs I guess.

The questions I asked are certainly University level. So are most of the questions posted in the nutrition section. Few get talked to like a child for asking.


Oops… I guess I got those backwards… thanks for the correction…