Time for an update


According to Julio “We are holding off on providing shipping estimates until our shipping is ramped up.” On twitter it says that you are ready to ramp up shipments 3-4x. So to put it simply, when’s our soylent gonna get here?


Where did they say this? i cant find it on twitter anywhere

EDIT: NVM I found it “we’re working on scaling up our shipping, hope to ship 3-4x+ more units daily over next few weeks. thanks for your patience!”

not quite what you said.

The "Order Status" thread

Regardless of who said what I would like to have some vague idea of when I will get my Soylent. Right now I have no idea when I will get my Soylent.


Here’s the update you asked for:


@NoFlames It seems like that is the amount of soylent they are able to produce daily…


They consider a random, animated gif and update? wtf!?!?


Anything soylent team?


I’m afraid the next update will start with something like “We’re really sorry to have to say this, but…” and then something about another major delay in shipping/producing Soylent.

At this point I think there are two most like possibilities:

  1. They have run out of Brown Rice Protein and don’t know when the next shipment will arrive (but when it does it will be about another month before shipping resumes).

  2. Logistic problems that are could cause them not to be able to fulfill re-orders in a timely manner. If this is the case they may have deliberately put the brakes on current shipments until they can be sure of their ability to fulfill re-orders.

If this second situation is the cause it could cause big problems. Since fulfilling re-orders has been a major goal of the company I could foresee a situation where anyone who has already received their initial shipment will have re-orders bumped up to the front of the queue so Soylent can say they are meeting that obligation. But others who have not received anything yet, will keep getting pushed farther and farther back in the queue.



@casssax if that’s true then they are compounding their problems by doing a big marketing push right now. So I’m hopeful they have the supply issue worked out or else all these new customers who are pre-paying will be even more vocal since they aren’t expecting to be charged and not delivered for a year like the backers were.


The first sea-freighted container of rice protein arrived at customs a few weeks ago, and the next container should be arriving shortly. It generally takes around 2 weeks to clear customs, and another few days to be trucked to the factory.

I just saw this post from @JulioMiles (from 5 days ago). Since the ship arrived about one month ago and it takes about 3 weeks to get to the manufacturing plant. Once at the plant it has to be mixed with the other ingredients, packaged, and then shipped to Soylent’s shipping center to be packaged into individual orders and shipped. It’s possible that Soylent is just recently received the packaged final product and can resume shipping.

I’m hoping that maybe they are working their asses off this last week and this weekend to get as much shipped as possible. (at least I hope that is what’s happening) That might explain the ‘radio silence’ this last week.

It still doesn’t explain the lack of starter kits being received but they could have supply problems there as well.


I don’t see why they pre send starter kits anyway, what’s the point of that? I think they realized this and just stopped shipping them which was setting the two week clock for that persons order to arrive. I am perfectly ok if it arrives the same day.


Hey all. As someone who has already received their starter kit, I did receive an email update today (finally). Unfortunately, all it says is that the shipment is delayed and no estimate of when it will arrive :frowning:


@Travis do you also get an offer of a free t-shirt?


Yep, here’s a link to the full email: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3697427/soylent_shipping_update.pdf


Might want to remove the hyperlink for the Soylent shirt order form on that pdf.


Thanks, but not sure how to do that so removed the file for now.


Alright, hyperlinks removed and file updated. Thanks!


@Travis how much did you order? I’m really quite irate that my 4 month order means nothing as far as where I am in the shipping queue.


I ordered a 1 month supply on day 1 of the campaign. I was literally one of the first couple thousand dollars of the campaign, so super early. I also was living in SF at the time (moved to the east bay last June). Not sure if that’s a factor or not…


At least it’s understandable that you were a super early backer.