Time to buckle down and become healthier


So I just got married, and all that chaos is mostly past. I should be able to stick to a schedule now and exercise regularly. I’m planning on drinking Soylent at work and for meals not prepared with my wife, roughly 33% of calories. I don’t know how regularly I’ll update this but I wanted a topic to document my journey towards weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

Goal #1: No more fast food. Why get junk calories when I can consume good calories from Soylent.
Goal #2: No dining out except for date nights with my wife. I plan on cooking healthy meals that can be eaten over a couple days. I like to cook so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Hopefully I can convince my SO on this.
Goal #3: I want to exercise every other day, gradually working up intensity to prevent any injury and to acclimatize myself to exercising again.
Goal #4: Get back into running by signing up for a 5K run. That’ll give me a time-frame to work towards and hopefully keep me motivated. I used to run cross-country in high school, and I miss that.

I currently weigh 260 pounds, and I hope to get down to 180 eventually. I’ll be using a couch to 5K app for running sessions three times a week, and doing calisthenics on my fourth days of the week. If anyone can suggest a better weight-loss program that safely builds up in intensity, I’ll consider it.

TL;DR - More exercise, healthier food to include Soylent ~ 33%


OMG. The chaos hasn’t even started yet. At least life got a LOT more complicated after marriage. :smile:

No really, congratulations. If you chose well it’s the best ever. I have a 3 year old daughter and that added a whole different set of stresses that are all worth it…


I was mostly talking about the constant trips to see her (she was a couple states away), and all the planning for the wedding. Now she’s with me and I know when I’ll be at work, when I’ll have time to work out, and when I can play video games :stuck_out_tongue: plus spend time with my wife. My weekends won’t be spent driving 4 hours to spend 1 day/2 nights with her and then driving back yay!



My advice is to take everything one step at a time. Start exercising for a couple of weeks, then start changing your diet. Still eat out with your friends just make a slightly healthier choice than you would normally. Give yourself rewards for hitting targets.