Tips and tricks for using Soylent


The topic I haven’t found any help with, so I shall start. I started with 1.3 and now 1.4.


  1. Use a blender or an immersion blender. I think many of the problems people are having with 1.4 are due to poor mixing (feeling it is slimy), not letting it rest in the fridge overnight and not shaking it up enough before pouring some for use. I actually bought a few stainless steel cylindrical bain maries via Amazon for mixing in ( I use an immersion blender, so this is easiest ). I use a 3.5 qt one for mixing, it is wide enough that it won’t tip over when I put the blender down in it…

  2. You have to shake it up before pouring a glassful, just common sense.

  3. Water amount. I tend to add a bit more water to the mix than the recipe amount, maybe up to 1 cup per bag full. I did that with 1.3, it seemed to cut back on the acid re-flux a bit.

Consuming it.

  1. Don’t drink to much at once. I started out by gulping down a 16 oz glass quite quickly, sometimes 2 in a row, this seems to led to acid re-flux and gas and general not goodness. I seems to have much nice experience if I sip it over some time and spread it out more over a day. I had acid re-flux with regular food, too, so I can not blame Soylent per se. I also think some of the flavoring I ad is a contributor to this (frozen berries), so I have to try without that to see if it is better. When things go wrong, taking a gasX pill seems to be a good play. Update, removing the frozen berries stopped 95% of the acid reflux.

  2. Water. It seems crucial to consume water at a one to one ratio, at least, to soylent, it seems important for digestion/intake as well as for keeping your cells and stuff hydrated while burning this fuel. Consuming enough water helps tame the acid re-flux for me, and if I get a headache or any other oddity drinking water seems to solve that as well.

  3. Regular food. For the first month I did 50% Soylent. I found my body was not dealing that well with the constant switch back and forth when I did Soylent in the first half of the day and regular food for the second half, so far my system seems more happy to be 100%ish Soylent, but I haven’t been doing that long enough to have real results to speak of with assurance. Update, the insides are much happier with 100% than 50%.


  1. I have a hard time thinking savory with this, so I haven’t messed with that yet. I think the crucial bits for making it palatable for me are 1 banana per bag (texture), 2 T Hershies chocolate sauce (don’t like doing this, but I had to hide the aftertaste somehow until my body learns to not -see- the aftertaste, a tiny bit of Orange extract (I picked up some inexpensive stuff in the baking section of the local grocery to try, faster than getting the lorAnn stuff until I knew the effect.
    These 3 additives make it thicker and creamier and take hide or remove the odd aftertaste and other potentially un-palatable tastes some might find.

After some time with 1.3 I reduced the flavoring to almost none, I kinda expect the same over time with 1.4.

Obviously this is mostly anecdotal observations…

Please feel free to add your own tips and tricks and observations to this thread.


Four of the seven “tips” are contained in the release notes that Soylent includes with every shipment. Other threads are filled with people suggesting blenders. The last “tip” can be added to the flavoring thread.


Well, yeah, sorta, but not with reasons and cause & effect. But hey, my bad, I’ll go kill myself now for offending you.


Everybody relax. It wasn’t bad seeing all the stuff in a single place. I agree with seeing reasoning in addition to just statements.


I bought an immersion blender especially for Soylent, and it made the mixture heavenly smooth. However, I’m not using it now because it isn’t really necessary with 1.4 or with 1.3 for that matter. I also don’t drink much water with Soylent and that doesn’t seem to have harmed me, though I’m sure that drinking more is theoretically better.


If we’re going to have redundant threads, I’d MUCH rather see stuff like this than people complaining…