Tips on avoiding cravings and keeping full on Soylent 2.0

New user here. I tried out Soylent 2.0 on a one-time basis and now signed up for a subscription. I’m currently taking it every day for breakfast and most days for lunch, but I’m interested in expanding it to dinner on some days as well for optimal nutrition.

I’d love to know some tips on the best way to space your Soylent drinking (eating?) to stay full. Do you find you need to take 400kcal every four hours, six hours, or can you go longer?

I also find that so far I usually feel satiated with Soylent, but then at lunch or dinner time I have a craving for “real food” and flavor. Do other users find this too, and do you grow out of this or are there tricks to avoid this? Ideally I’d like to eat real food if I’m cooking for pleasure or out with friends at a restaurant, but I don’t want to give in and eat (probably unhealthy) food just because I’m hit with a craving for a certain flavor or food. How do you avoid this? Any tips would be appreciated!

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I only do about 50% Soylent - lets me satisfy those cravings for “real” food.

As far as 400 calories of Soylent, it gets me about four hours.

I crave salty/spicy & some kimchi satisfies that well (with few additional calories).

I also don’t do 100% soylent two days in a row.

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I need to have a bottle every 3 hours until I’ve hit the 5th bottle. If I go much past three hours I start getting really hungry and feel weak, and get a strong craving for solid food.

I’ve been trying to have Soylent more regularly throughout the day to keep myself from getting to the hungry-no-self-control state.

I had an interesting experience this week at work.
On Mon and Wed I had Soylent for both breakfast and lunch, and I felt full until around 6 when I had a regular dinner. In the past, I’ve found myself snacking on m&ms after lunch, but Soylent kept me full and satisfied my post-food sweet craving.
However, on Thurs I walked over to Taco Bell (I know) and got two tacos and some chips/cheese. Looking online, this is 500-700 calories, so definitely more than my Soylent bottle. But after eating I felt hungry for more, immediately craved additional tacos, and ate a small handful of m&ms right after lunch and around 4. Amazing how much emptier these calories felt than Soylent.

I’m hoping that the more I drink 2.0, the more I’ll crave it rather than searching for flavor from other sources.

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You gotta make sure that you read your cravings properly.
There is a difference between craving for more and being hungry.

You eat Taco Bell food, design to hit all the right spots flavor wise.
It’s engineered to make you desire more.

After a Taco Bell meal, when you get a craving for more food, like a handful of M&Ms, are you sure it’s because your stomach tells you that you need to eat more, that you are actually hungry, or it’s the normal gluttony reaction after eating salty, greasy oh so delicious junk food.

Good point on cravings. Yeah it worries me that food like Taco Bell has such a strong flavor-craving reaction. That’s one of the things I’m liking about Soylent–it doesn’t leave you wanting to just keep eating/drinking more and more when you’re not actually hungry.

I’ve been on an almost 100% Soylent 2.0 diet since it was released. I approach it like this:

  • Some days I’ll consume four bottles (1,600 calories) and drink water in-between to stay hydrated and full.

  • Some days I’ll consume three bottles (1,200 calories) and allow myself a reasonable snack in the evening. (Odwalla protein bar or a Sabra hummus cup)

  • Every three days or so, I limit myself to two bottles (800 calories) and then dine out for one meal.

Mainly I think it’s water that helps make it through a 100% Soylent day… or allowing one small healthy snack to get over this mental hang up we have where we’re just so used to having something solid in our stomachs.


I would highly recommend dropping M&Ms from your snacking diet completely. Those are pure sugar with no added benefits whatsoever. When you eat sugar in that form, you’re basically spiking your blood sugar and waiting for it to quickly drop, which is when your body thinks its hungry again because it wants to get back to a normal blood-sugar level. You’re better off eating an apple with peanut butter or a banana. Those come with both fiber and sugar so that your body processes the sugar more slowly and you stay fuller, longer.

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I think you replied to the wrong person… although now I want some Peanut M&M’s. :frowning:

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You’re right :slight_smile: I’m not perfect and never will be, but I find so far that Soylent has helped me cut down my empty-calories junk food cravings, so I think I’m on the right path…

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