Tips on pouring?


I’ve been enjoying my Soylent for the most part, but there is one thing that has been extremely frustrating: the bags aren’t conducive to pouring at all. If you open it up too much (which is usually just a matter of how much you tear off because the seal gets powder stuck in it and becomes useless) then it gets EVERYWHERE. If you use a smaller hole to prevent this, it clumps and you can upwards of ten minutes fighting with the bag.

The scoop isn’t much help - aside from being intended for meals smaller than I actually want (you know, the ones the nutrition facts are based on), it’s difficult to get the scoop into the bag and actually get a full scoop of Soylent. And of course, trying to pour into the scoop solves nothing. Ultimately, powder goes everywhere, and I spend more time trying to keep Soylent from getting everywhere and subsequently cleaning up when it inevitably does anyway than I do actually drinking the stuff.

Obviously, this is about smaller bottles (BlenderBottles, in my case). With the starter kit pitcher it’s not as bad since you can open a larger hole without spillage. But it’s still somehow a bit messy. Fellow early adopters and team members, what do you do to avoid making a mess (and by extension, wasting food)?


Some people bunch up the bag before pouring it into a pitcher.


I fold the top of the bag in half then put the whole top of the bag in the opening of my pitcher and shake. This method has been successful in getting all the contents into my pitcher without any spillage. I personally only make my Soylent in a pitcher that I let set overnight in the fridge before transferring into bottles for consumption.


My technique:

  1. Drop the bag on the counter several times to force as much powder as possible down from the top. 4 or 5 times should do the trick.
  2. Tear the seal, trying to keep it pretty much right in line with the little notches (don’t tear it too close to the ziploc)
  3. Bunch up the opening tight and fold it over so nothing can get out, then tip it over the pitcher
  4. Release with the bag at least 3 inches inside the pitcher.
  5. Tap it a lot even after you think you have often everything, and pinch the side in & out to also try to free up every last bit.

Works very well and now I normally have at worst a tiny bit of powder that escapes and lands on the counter. Usually no mess at all though.


Perhaps you could buy a good sized food storage container and pour 3 or 4 bags into it at a time. Then just scoop from it as needed. Just an idea.