To compare possible 1.5 issues with others

Hello. Long time listener, first time caller. I haven’t noticed this around yet so I thought I would bring it up to compare and contrast with you folks who use Soylent. Be cautioned I talk about bodily functions in this thread.

I started Soylent on 1.4 a few months ago. I transitioned my diet to being 100% Soylent. Everything was fine and dandy. Then I got my first shipment of 1.5 and a week into it I seem to be having stomach issues. Nothing too bad. I have become very gassy and I mean terrible gas. Noticeably more and terribly potent smelling gas. As well as my bowel movements have gone from a Bristol Stool Scale type 2 or 3 to a 5 or 6, bordering on diarrhea-like. My stomach has also become more taunt and uncomfortable, probably due to the gas.

The only change I have made to my diet is the change from 1.4 to 1.5. I wanted to compare others’ experiences if similar. Or what are your thoughts? Could it be my body getting used to the new formula and things could settle out or do you think it could be a different issue that I should see a doctor for?

My friend also joined on the Soylent train a few weeks ago and he started on 1.5. He was experiencing stomach issues from the get go, they’ve lessened now but he complains about same gas issues. Now he isn’t 100% Soylent but maybe 50 or 60% and he had just started using Soylent recently so I didn’t give it any consideration until I was a week into my own 1.5 and noticed similar things he was experiencing. Our circumstances are quite different so I thought I should ask a population that more than likely has had more experience with Soylent than he or even I.

Thanks for your time and replies in advance.

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I went for several months on 1.4 (100%) directly to 1.5 (100%) and have had zero gas issues.


I have gas on 1.4. I’ve been getting through 3 months worth. My first month was lot “L” and it was digestible enough that I could go 100%. There was more gas than I would like but it wasn’t death farts. The next two months were lot “C”. I can only do 67% on that or the death farts come back. Oddly enough, it is fine through the day and only a problem if I use it for dinner. Luckily I have leftover DIY that I can use for dinner.

I have a month worth of 1.5 sitting and I have tried 3 days to see if it was better. It seemed to get me back to where I could go 100%, still be gassy but at least not the death farts.

At least for me, it doesn’t seem that my body is getting used to it. At least it I don’t think it is getting worse. @zenman seems to be in the same boat. It sounds like Rosa Labs is going to be switching out the potassium gluconate. I have a small hope that that will solve all my problems. Not likely, but it feels good to have a hope. :smile:

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I know i suggested numerous times to add salt (to solve various problems people had) but i would like to suggest salt again with regard to solving gas too. A little extra salt might help with the gas. Because Nacl is also used in the production of hydrochloric acid that digests what we consume. So adding some extra salt ‘might’ solve your gas issues to some extent atleast. You could try and see.


I have so far had one scoop of Soylent in my life. And that was v1.5 on Wednesday evening. It almost immediately gave me a headache that only went away this morning (Saturday) after 600 mg of Advil. I haven’t had a solid bowel movement since then, and have experienced more flatulence in the past few days than I usually do over the course of a few weeks.

All this from one scoop of the stuff. Unfortunately, I spent over $100 CAD on it, so I’m pretty committed. I’ve got two scoops chilling in the fridge right now, that—god help me—I’m going to try to survive.

According to what I’ve heard, people adjust to Soylent if they stick with it long enough. So here’s hoping that’s true.

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Try drinking it very slowly and if possible avoid it at night atleast for the beginning few days (choline could be one culprit for the headache but i am not sure though). Adding salt :smile: could also mitigate the headache.

I think it did for a couple of people.

@Tark, you bring up choline every time anyone has an issue with Soylent. Choline doesn’t cause headaches.


So you had a headache for several days before trying to get rid of it? I personally take an asprin when I think I’m about to get a headache, which is rare.

I bring up salt too every time people talk about headaches. Because these are the two things i thought could be responsible for it…to my knowledge. Hence i brought them up.

I may have worded that poorly. I didn’t mean that I took 600mg of Advil on Saturday morning and the headache went away. I took 600mg of Advil from the time I initially got the headache to the time that it finally went away.

Usually, I only need 400mg of Advil and an hour at most to get rid of a headache. So this was a particularly bad one for me.

How much water (with nothing in it) do you have per day? Was your previous diet high in fiber?

Thought I’d give a bit of an update. It’s been about a week and I’ve still been much gassier when I was using 1.4. And my BMs are now a 4 to 5, a little improved but still different. I suppose I’m teetering out to this being the standard now. Is there not anyone else having such issues? I’ve not had headaches are anything with 1.5, just the bowel properties changes. It may be a new ingredient that my body specifically doesn’t handle as well as 1.4’s ingredients? Whatever the case I’m not sure if it’s comforting others haven’t noticed the same issue I have or not.

It doesn’t seem to be a common problem, from what I’ve read on the forum.

The only new ingredients from 1.4 to 1.5 are 12 grams of trehalose, about 56 grams of canola oil, and less than 1.8 grams of carrageenan and cellulose gum. Other ingredients were dropped or adjusted.

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Thank you @wezaleff for breaking it down for me! I did some searching for each ingredient and gas issues and I think I found a winner: carrageenan.

"Although the FDA has labeled carrageenan as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS), there have been studies linking carrageenan to stomach ulcers and tumor promotion in animal testing.(2) Europe has even banned carrageenan from all types of infant formula because of the potential health concerns.(2)

Besides the possible safety issues with carrageenan, many people experience allergy or intolerance symptoms when they eat foods or beverages containing carrageenan.

Gastrointestinal complaints tend to be the most common symptom of a carrageenan allergy or intolerance, but other allergy symptoms are possible too.":

I haven’t found many reputable looking sources but there do seem to be a lot of hits for carrageenan in association with gastrointestinal issues. Apparently the ingredient goes by many different names so it would be a long night if I were to search through for each. But from what I have read I may have an intolerance to carrageenan. The most likely possibility of my stomach issues would be food related. Seeing as Soylent is the single food I’ve ingested since 1.4 in April I’d say it’s up there as likely. Although, I don’t know for sure, but now I have some useful information to bring to my doctor as a possible cause.

Thanks again.

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Note what RL says:

Soylent 1.5 now has small amounts of a fiber known as cellulose gum, as well as carrageenan (not to be confused with degraded carrageenan, a different compound).

It sounds like someone unaware might accidentally assume that Soylent has degraded carrageenan, which RL says it doesn’t.

May want to look at the thread below.


From what I’m able to find about cellulose gum allergy/intolerance symptoms are along the line mostly of rashes and swelling and severe cases rectal bleeding. Luckily I do not show those symptoms. The reports I could find of carrageenan allergy/intolerance symptoms are more the gas and diarrhea area which I am experiencing, though, thankfully, also not severe. But still quite noticeable. Enough to have created a thread on the subject. Some sources also claim ungraded or degraded carrageenan could both irritate allergy or show intolerance symptoms. But really there doesn’t seem to be a clear set answer yet that I can find. The research behind carrageenan appears to be still in progress.

Degraded or ungraded carrageenan in the Soylent doesn’t matter to me. My apparent reaction to it - or something in 1.5 - is what matters to me. There’s always the chance it could be another outside factor but, as I’ve said, there’s been no drastic change in my life lately aside from the 1.5 switch. I’m not set on 1.5 being the culprit, but seeing as this is a Soylent discussion board it’d be silly to bring up topics outside that subject.

I will try to keep this thread updated with my condition each week. It could be an acute reaction to a change in 1.5 or it could be something else like a mild bug I caught. The longer time passes the less likely it’s the former. And keeping abreast of my condition could perhaps assist someone in the future with the same issue I’m experiencing. Who knows? Can’t hurt.

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WARNING: somewhat gross post, but I think it is important to see if others experience this…

I have been experiencing diarrhea and what seems to be steatorrhea since I started ingesting 2000 calories worth of Soylent per day. I had the issue with Soylent 1.4 and now it continues with Soylent 1.5. My reason for suspecting steatorrhea is that I experience an oily sort of discharge that generally occurs after bowel movements. The bowel movements are also very foul smelling. This does not normally happen to me. My other reason for suspecting steatorrhea is that a similar discharge occurred when I would eat too many almonds or cashews in the past. I also experienced it when I was a vegan and took in a lot of oil in order to try getting enough calories. It was part of the reason I stopped being a vegan. I wonder if there is too much oil in Soylent for some people. I tried emailing a staff person about this concern and the person just said that other people have not reported anything about anal leakage, I might just have digestive issues, I might need to reduce Soylent intake and I might need to take in more fiber.

I would rather not have to reduce Soylent intake if possible. I am fine with taking in more fiber. I have tried using psyllium husk fiber (a generic of metamucil). It has produced mixed results. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. If anyone else experiences the anal leakage, please speak up as I think it is important that people know about it so that it can be addressed. Soylent may simply have too much fat for some people and that fat could end up going right through them.

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My gas is back in 1.5 as well. The only change in my diet has been 1.4 to 1.5. I only drink Soylent for about 1/4 to 1/2 of my daily meals.

I had horrible gas on 1.0 through 1.2. It got a bit better on 1.3, and then 1.4 seemed to have completely solved it. I was very happy with that and didn’t even mind the slimy texture all that much. Now with 1.5 the gas is suddenly back. I can’t remember if it’s as bad as it was back in the 1.0-1.2 days, but it’s definitely a disappointment as I do like the taste/texture of 1.5 better.

It’s a good thing I have a pretty big surplus of 1.4 built up. I guess I’ll have to use the handy new “pause” feature on my subscription and hope 1.6 works better for me. Very glad they finally got that pause feature added as I often tend to not use as much as I think I will, and this is a good way to make sure I don’t get any more 1.5 given the issues it’s giving me.

More accounts? That’s reassuring. I think.

I suppose it’s time for my weekly update. Possibly undesirable descriptions follow.

I wish I had good news but unfortunately things have gotten worse. The amount of gas seems to have lessened but the foul smell is still abound. The Bristol scale is still in the high range. And along with that has come cramps and acute stomach pains. I don’t think I should continue Soylent but I’m still not 100% certain it’s the root cause. So also take my experience with a grain of salt especially what I’m about to tell you.

Monday night/ Tuesday morning I suddenly jerked awake ~2:00 am with terrible stomach pain and the warning signs of needing to vomit. I had that sort of shaky feeling you get, my throat felt like it was expanding in preparation, and my mouth was filling with saliva. So it wasn’t a sudden vomit issue, my body was slowly preparing for it. I made it to the toilet expecting the worst but over 40 minutes went by with nothing but overacting saliva glands and terrible pain/discomfort. I managed to get back to bed but the pain lingered into the late morning and last remember my discomfort and pukey feeling around 10:30 am.

I haven’t felt the urge to vomit since then and I haven’t had such terrible pain since then but I have had mild discoomfort and aches. I’m uncertain if this is due to a new ingredient like carrageenan that I’m reacting badly to or not. I don’t want to cease Soylent use. I can’t imagine going back to a “normal” diet. I can’t fathom where I found the time to shop for groceries and cook before. It truly baffles me where the time possibly came from.

This is just my experience as of now. My state has only worsened and it was with the switch to 1.5. Could be a coincidence, poor timing with some other issue. I haven’t had the time to even look into a doctor yet. Life is busy. One perk, as I eluded to a second ago, of Soylent.

Anyway, I’l continue to share my experience in this thread for those interested. Please feel free to share your own similar issues if, god forbid, you have any.