'TomTato' tomato and potato plant unveiled in UK



It’s a grafted plant though…
Anyone and their mother could make this with a pair of scissors and tape.
The offspring will be tomatoes.

I’d be more impressed if it was GMO.


Ah, but then you’d have people crying in their cups about how dangerous GMOs are and no one would eat it.
So it kind of fails either way…


I’m genetically modified and I take offense to that.


You seek for people to eat you? :confused:


Whoa, GMOs seek out people to eat them?
I’m now fully in support of GMOs. I didn’t realize they could locate your mouth.


nope, you were just very concerned with your desirability as a food, and took offence when it was said to be low


I feel a close relationship to genetically modified foods, but I am not a foodstuff.
I am Wolverine.