Tons of gas and always hungry on Original bottled >25%


Was hoping after being off it for quite a while that something would change.

I guess not. This really limits my relying on Soylent for anything other than a single meal per day.

Better than nothing I guess. Has anyone else had similar issues?




Are you eating enough throughout the day? Soylent bottles are a fairly small meal for most people. What is your TDEE, and how close are you to it?


Hey that’s a great tool I’m getting close to what it says I need. I think my hunger might be related to apnea. I’m always hungry


Regarding gas, could it be the fiber? It could be an (uncomfortable) adjustment period. You could try backing off the Soylent and more gradually adding fiber to your daily intake via, e.g. psyllium husk capsules or Metamucil, to smooth the process.


Personally, I never feel satisfied or “full” on soylent whether it be the bottled kind or the powder. That’s why I only use it a couple times a month (2 meals a month sometimes not even once a month) if I am in a huge hurry. Real food is much better for you and offers much more satisfaction. I enjoy the idea and purpose behind soylent, but I can’t use it regularly.