Too lazy for cereal?



Yeah, you got to go out of your way to make it and in the mornings you are pressed for time to get ready for work/school.

Thank God for Soylent :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m not really a breakfast person anyway.

As someone who went weeks at a time without doing the dishes in college… well, ok still… I don’t see how this is a new trend?

Also, there are these wonderful things called paper bowls and plastic spoons. No washing required!


What is “cereal”? Never heard of it. I eat sugar-coated carbohydrate puffs.


No mention of the poor nutritional profile of most cereals.


Cereal? Sugar for breakfast is a poor way to start your day.

When I was in dorms I allowed myself only one set of dishes: one mug, one bowl, one plate, one spoon, one fork, one knife. That way, if I want to eat, I had to wash my dishes. It annoyed my friends that they had to bring their own dishes when they visited, but I knew it was the only way to prevent an accumulation of dirty dishes in my room. Breakfast in particular is the worst for that, because there’s the pressure of a time limit in the morning(to get to class/work on time), whereas supper isn’t too bad because I can do a lot of cleaning during the cooking process while waiting for stuff to simmer or whatever, and there’s no time pressure after eating.

I don’t know why I’m so averse to washing dishes, considering I always helped with the family dishes growing up…I don’t have an issue with the actual concept of cleaning, but I always get the feeling that dish-washing is taking up time that could be used for other things. In my current apartment I have the luxury of a dishwasher(first dishwasher I’ve ever had!), but if my next place doesn’t have one I might have to reduce the amount of dishes I own again…