Too many vitamins a bad thing?


While I wait for my soylent to arrive ive been toying with the idea with doing diy. The percentage of vitamins in most of the diy recipes seem way over the RDI by several orders of magnitude. Can too much of a good thing be bad?


With some vitamins/minerals, like Iron, Manganese, you can overdose. Others, like Vitamin C, you have to try really hard for toxicity. Try to follow the RDA’s as closely as you can, and you should be good.

Post a link to your DIY recipe, and you’ll be able to get more help.


Most vitamins are water-soluable, and your body will simply process them out of your blood in your kidneys, i.e. you pee them out if you have too much.

The RDA is based on what your body needs, not what is a toxic level. You can go WAY over on most vitamins without any problems: you would need to consume quite a bit to reach the toxicity levels. Regardless, stay well-hydrated and you will mitigate much of the risk here.

Minerals are a different matter, and you do need to keep a closer eye on those. Not being organic like vitamins are, your body has a more difficult time processing those out and the toxicity levels are easier to reach if you over-supplement. This is part of the reason why the FDA allows only very low levels for certain minerals (e.g. potassium) in supplements which are plentiful in food and dangerous to go over on. This is why some DIY recipes have e.g. potassium as a separate ingredient in order to get around that.

The DIY site will highlight toxic nutrient levels in red if it detects they are too high. Be sure that the ingredients are entered properly in order for this to work.


There is research that indicates that massively going over can be harmful, not so much from toxicity but stuff like +x% cancer risk, but that was from the excessive amounts in multivitamins, so its unclear how much going over on some random thing will actually matter.


True, but you’d have to overdose thousands of times the daily UL for years if not decades.