Too much micro nutrients?


I’ve seen it mentioned that some of the micro nutrients are harmful if you get too much. The recent announcements have said that there will be enough nutrients in a half day to satisfy your needs, so you can combine other food with it. I am wondering if this creates a risk of getting too much of a potentially harmful macro nutrient if you eat 2/3 of the day’s supply of soylent (which would logically have more than your needed amount), then had another meal which happened to be very high in that nutrient. Are the upper bounds on these nutrients high enough that you won’t hit it without taking actual supplements for them? Would you have to maintain that higher intake over a long period to have a problem, so the occasional overage doesn’t matter?


I’ve read around, and it looks like as far as water-soluble micros, there is a pretty high ceiling before any problems show up. For non-water-soluble things though, this is still a good question.


I agree with the shadowhawk, except in the case of Potassium, go over on that one and you can have heart problems, see Rob’s experience.

Calcium I know is a component in the placque that blocks arteries, so I would not go too high on that.

There are definitely problems with too much Manganese:

Americans have spent decades looking for the nutrient that yields some benefit when you get a lot of it. I know of no evidence that such a thing exists. There have been a few studies suggesting a possible benefit to high doses of certain vitamins, but nothing conclusive.

So I follow the general rule of targeting around 70% of the RDA, since I’m about 70% the size of a taller guy who the recommendation is probably based on.

There is no known benefit to an excess of any micronutrient, and well documented problems with an excess of all of the fat soluble vitamins, and other problems with excess of the metals (Manganese, Potassium etc).

Here’s a link to a study claiming Vitamin E supplements increase the risk of cancer:

And here’s Fumento, pooping on that study, and citing another that shows that there may be a benefit to a 2x dose of Vitamin E:


from that first article “That dose, common in over-the-counter supplements, is almost 20 times higher than the recommended adult amount, which is about 23 units daily.”

so, 2x is still beneficial, and 20x has some slight risks. This makes me think things should be within safe limits unless you are taking supplements.


The micronutrient blog post is up now. Have a look at the amounts.


Haha, micronutrients… plus a bunch of trivia to keep the read from being quite so dry and boring! Nice touch guys :grin:


Vitamin D and K you have a huge window. So its only A and E youd have to worry about. Your body also stores B12 even though that one is water soluble but you could load up on insane amounts of B12 and not worry.

A few studies also showed neurotoxicity with B6 in megadoses (again water soluble) but that was at hundreds of times the RDI