Too much soluble fiber, not enough insoluble - is it a problem?


I have gone back to using psyllium husk as the main source of fiber in my recipe, I know many others do this as well. Psyllium husk as far as I know has about 4 parts soluble to every 1 part insoluble fiber. Recommendations I see tend toward 25-30% soluble fiber in the diet and the rest insoluble. I have also seen a maximum of 50% soluble fiber recommended.

Is this actually a problem? If so, in what way and how much of a problem is it?

I use a keto recipe and all options for insoluble fiber are problematic for one reason or other (intolerable texture, too much carbohydrate, upsets balance of micronutrients, unpleasant side-effects etc.) - I CAN add enough insoluble fiber if I have to, but it will involve some hassle (purchase of supplements etc to re-balance micronutrients) and I frankly do not want to change things around any more if it is unnecessary.

I found it strange that I have not seen this mentioned before especially with so many relying on psyllium for fiber. Perhaps this is because it is well known to not be a problem? I just don’t like making assumptions because soylent is 90% of my diet.

I have considered using microcrystalline cellulose but it would be quite expensive to get shipped into the country and I do not want to do this without good reason.


I did the same thing. I decided to try a popular inulin fiber (soluble). While it was smooth and blended well, it did not have the same results as psyllium husk fiber. I’ve found my Soylent needs something to bind it together. I’m back to psyllium. It works.


It does work well indeed! I found the texture/thickness a problem until I tried hydrating it prior to blending… I did this originally to improve the texture but was surprised to find it made it much thinner as well.

One of my concerns when I posted this question was that I had thought my mix was taking a long time to transit from uh… one end to the other. Although it is my understanding that soluble fiber increases this transit time, I have recently learned the high fat content of my recipe is likely to be a major factor also.


what health role do you think fiber has other than to increase mean digestion time of your food? i have looked at some meta analysis of the research and some of them find that fiber insoluable has no health effects except in specific instances