Too much sulfur in Soylent?


If you’ve read Rob’s early blogs, you’ll know that for his first recipe of Soylent he completely left out sulfur, and suffered (if I recall correctly) joint pains as a result. A good example of a mistake being made, identified, and corrected.

But I wonder if maybe we don’t now have too much sulfur. I’m one of the few who never had big gas problems with Soylent in terms of volume, but I have noticed that the gas I do have has a horrible stench to it that was rare for me before. The stench has the telltale “rotten eggs” odor mixed in that indicates a lot of sulfur in your gut. We can tolerate a pretty broad range of sulfur in our food, needing very little to be healthy but handling a lot without any harmful overdose. Does anybody know how much sulfur is in Soylent? Would it be possible to reduce it (maybe reduce it by a lot) safely? I’m guessing that if it was reduced, the unbearable smell would be gone.

I know this wouldn’t help the people who have problems with the volume of gas they get when they eat Soylent, but it would make things nicer for the rest of us.


There’s likely about twice the sulfur you need. However, it’s all from the rice protein, which is high in sulfur-containing amino acids cysteine and methionine. No way to get that lower without using a difference protein source.


Yup, like axcho said, the rice protein is the problem here. Honestly, I believe almost all the problems currently is actually because of the rice protein (and secondly the oat flour).

One thing is that I believe that the rice protein is slightly too hard for the body to break down before it reaches the large intestines, at which point the bacteria begins to munch at it also… a by product of this would then be Hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur containing gases. (if the protein was just being absorbed by the gut, I doubt it would smell as much.)


What version of Soylent are you referring to? I keep having the feeling that Soylent 1.0 or 1.1 are being discussed – versions you can’t buy now.


I’ve had all four versions (v1.0-v1.3), and it was the same for all: About the same amount of gas as normal, but the gas that I did have stunk beyond belief. It’s not the end of the world, but if it’s easy to fix then I’d be happier if it were.


I’ve had 1.1 thru 1.3 and no gas problems at all.


Not everyone has the gas. Your one of the lucky ones.