Top navigation bar disappears when viewing a thread


Another things that bothers me a lot.

As per the title, when I open a thread the top navigation bar disappears and this means I need to do one extra click to continue browsing.

Use case: I fire up the forum and notice there are X unread messages and Y new messages. I start going through the unread. Once I’ve read a message and want to move on to the next, I need to click on the link at the top left of the page (the one that doesn’t work on the index page) and from there click again on the unread link and select which link I want to read next.

If the top bar was always visible (I really don’t understand why it isn’t), I would open a link on the unread list and once done with it click again on the unread list and read another thread.

I don’t see the point of making the top navigation disappear when we’re inside a thread. It decreases the usability of the forum and the tiny amount of screen real estate that is added doesn’t do much for me. Threads tend to be huge, scrolling is expected.


To make things clearer, he means this bar:

New (1)
Unread (3)


Why not just click on one of the suggested unread topics at the bottom of the topic you are reading? That’s why they are there… we show unread and new topics there at the bottom, in that order – unread topics that you’re tracking will always show first in the suggestion list.

There is no need to go back to the topic list when you reach the bottom of the topic, we provide a convenient pot o’ gold at the end of the reading rainbow.


How suggested are they? Can I trust them to be the exact same as in the link above and in the exact same order? Because I want to go through unread and etc on my own, I don’t want algorithms tripping me up and possibly leaving something unread or forcing me to read things out of order.


Also, it’s titled “Suggested topics”. I’ve no clue of those are topics I’ve previously read that I should re-read, if they’re unread topics I should read next or what order they come in.

When I first saw that box and the title I simply ignored it. It’s not evident what its content is


I’ve just tried to keep up with the forum using the bottom navigation and the difficulty in distinguishing between new and unread made it harder than using the top bar.

Maybe simply move the top bar to the bottom of the thread?


New topics have an asterisk next to them. Unread topics that you are tracking have a number next to them, the number indicates how many unread posts are in that topic for you. Pretty simple!


I should also add that @sam_saffron is working on adding new and unread links with counts at the bottom of suggested topics.

So you’ll know how exactly many more topics you have to go before you’ve read them all, as well as nav links to New and Unread.


This is live on and if you want to try it out. Will update soylent discourse soon, we just updated yesterday here.


It’s good although I fail to see the problem with just copying the top bar to the bottom.

Also, what’s the criteria for the suggested topics now? Isn’t this whole section redundant?


The point is that you can keep reading fast by jumping directly to the next topic rather than an intermediate list of topics.


But what’s the criteria that decides what topics appear there? Right now I see a number of topics but nothing tells me what I gain by reading them.


Topics that you

  • have posted in
  • have read for 4 minutes+ (aka auto-tracked topics, see your user prefs)
  • have manually set to tracked / watching via the notification control at the bottom

with new replies are prioritized. Then new topics. Then random topics in the same category, if there are no new or unread topics.


See? It’s confusing. I look at that box, see a list of topics and need to memorize all these rules? This is not an adventure game, it’s a forum. If you put the top menu on the bottom all unread links will be there, categorised as I expect them to be, because it’s how they look on top.

I am not going to memorize all these rules for the box at the bottom of the thread. I want to go on with my life and read unread items.

This is strictly my opinion on the matter, others may not agree with it.


Generally you don’t need to, It Just Works.

The most interesting things are shown to you first, for most people, that is topics they have posted in with new replies.