Tordenskjold on Soylent


Day 1: Made a 2L pitcher and had 1 glass when I got home from work, I thought it tasted alright… Vanilla taste is too strong in my opinion compared to expecting it to only be a “slight” taste.

Day 2: I had 8oz glass in the morning at 5am, another at 8am and then about 11am… I had taken a 1L termo of it with me to work at which started at about 6am in the morning, but after continuing work after the 3rd round (11am) I suddenly felt the downsides of too much potassium for my system… I was doing very physical work in a warm area (I work at Coca Cola, and was working near a giant washer that is about 70-80 degrees Celsius heh

I had been drinking some water together with my Soylent and I will admit that I enjoyed the taste more when flushing my mouth after each sip… however this combined with too much potassium for my system turned out to give me a bad reaction… I felt extreemly hot and sweaty, even considering it was warm where I was working and I was lifting heavy stuff. I could feel my skin almost burning, I had not expected this reaction with less than 1 L of Soylent throughout my workday… Here comes the worst part, I was feeling quite sick in my stomach, I could taste the vanilla constantly, and I knew this wasn’t going to end well, I went to the cafeteria and had some more water… I could smell the food, it made me feel sick… I rushed to the bathroom and out came all the Soylent and water I had consumed just an hour earlier…

I felt quite hot and sick for the rest of the day, and could still taste that damn vanilla

Day 3: I decided not to make another pitcher of Soylent yet, and give my system a chance to calm down, I ate some normal food day 2 at night and did feel much better day 3…

will return when I had another day of Soylent :smiley: but for now, god damn I hate the taste of vanilla now even though I enjoy a glass of Soylent… I will say that I do have some GERD symptoms, which is likely the cause of why I could taste the vanilla constantly… and my bad reaction besides the potassium overload was probably because of the hard work in the heat.

[Update] Starting 1.5 and Vomiting

To further expand on my experienced downsides on Soylent: I felt a headache creeping in on my, and my neck became stiff… felt very warm compared to normal and I did fart a few times more than normal :slight_smile: nothing horrible on that side… I enjoy farting and I don’t sit in a small office with lots of people in it

Considering I didn’t eat anything during day 2 (until at night) I did not feel any bad hunger, but I did feel very thirsty, which is why I drank plenty of water with my Soylent… I did add salt to my Soylent 1 gram, but I had not had a chance to buy non iodized salt… in fact the only salt we had was Potassium Iodide enriched… I just didn’t expect to feel an overdose reaction when only drinking the 1L in total during that day :slight_smile:

Will try Soylent again on Sunday and keep you guys updated as I go… with my single week supply :smiley:


Let us know - thanks for posting.

Oh, and lol “I enjoy farting”…haha


Wow, I’ve been living vicariously through other Soylent users for awhile now, so I’ve been reading/watching a lot of Soylent Experiences stuff, and this is the first time I’ve heard the taste being too strong. I’m actually a bit worried now since I typically do not like sweet foods and vanilla is kind of sweet.

That aside, I am unfamiliar with the effects of too much potassium. What all does that entail?


Whoa. Those are extreme reactions. I’m sorry it’s been rough for you. When I first started, I had a headache, as well. Water helped, but also, it went away after a few days, but I had to take in my water slowly. If I drink any amount of water, I get sick to my stomach. Sipping water is key for me, which is also what I recommend for your soylent, as well.

Perhaps if you took in the soylent consistently in small doses rather than in full glasses every couple hours, your system could adjust more slowly. Someone (can’t recall) mentioned this to me when I was having similiar, though less intense, symptoms. When I take in a full 8-16oz glass at a sitting, my stomach acts up and then I “crash”. But sipping throughout the day has worked beautifully.

Best of luck! Keep us posted.

And obviously, don’t add iodized salt. Get your non-iodized asap.


Yep going on non iodized salt hunt tomorrow :), sadly at work sipping slowly throughout the day isn’t possible. But will look into a workaround for it somehow (no food product other than water near the production of bewerages heh)

I want Soylent to work for me and I have read about peoples reactions. Did not expect ending up puking because of it. But it was actually mainly water that came out and bile… I will say that Soylent is not the worst thing ever to get ejected through the wrong end of my body.

But I have always had a very sensitive stomach, acidic drinks wine, apple juice, cider make me curl up in a ball if i drink too much.


But I want my Coke with Vanilla Soylent!


I wonder if you might try starting Soylent on a day off to get your body used to it? How’d today go?


I only had 50% sunday as I got up late and had nacho night with my family and some friends :slight_smile: had mixed in some peanutbutter for taste which helped a lot against the vanilla taste that I disliked. Going to use cocoa on next batch


Currently sitting during my lunch break and enjoying my second glass of Soylent… I noticed there were packets of hot chocolate powder and I decided to mix it together with my peanut flavored Soylent… being powder for hot drinks it didn’t mix into the Soylent easily :smiley: but YUM it was delicious… or is… I am sitting here drinking it now

Currently it is quite warm and humid in Denmark, so I have been sweating quite a bit… no downsides yet, not bad vanilla taste in my mouth, no headache… I got my hands on some ocean salt yesterday that didn’t have any added Potassium Iodide…

Like I said, next batch will be with


Here I sit at almost 3am on this side of the globe, thinking I ought to go to bed sometime soon, and now because of you I have to go make a cup of hot cocoa. :stuck_out_tongue:


I also didn’t like the taste at first. I found putting two Tbsp of Hershey’s special dark cocoa powder in a full days batch changed the taste enough that I like it now.


Are you mixing in peanut butter to the entire pitcher? How much did you add to give it the desired flavor you wanted?

Glad it’s going better today for you.


I added 3 table spoons worth to 2 liter batch, sadly it wasn’t a decent peanut butter :smiley: but finished the entire batch no problem

I had a glass of Soylent with nesquik today, it was pretty good, but think I should have used the blender :smiley: (just added it to the glass instead of the entire batch)


Currently on my first break at work, it’s 8am and I am currently enjoying a 400ml glass of Nesquik Cocoa Powdered Soylent. I took a clean batch of 2L and put 1L into my termo, then added 5-6 table spoons of Nesquik to the termo and 3 ice cubes :smiley:

It’s so smooth and tasty, YUM! (I prepared my batch yesterday morning so it soaked almost 24 hours before I added oil and the cocoa).


I’ve been using a modified version of Soylent (a DIY with Soylent as the main ingredient) that has 14g of Dutch cocoa in the mix and have gotten really fond of the flavor, and I do think I have grown to like it better this way. I was enjoying straight Soylent as well, but didn’t like the macro breakdown, plus I now get 5 days out of 3 bags.


So I noticed two things within the last 20-30 mins…

1: I can smell the Soylent from myself for some reason :D, by that I mean, it smells like I smell like Soylent…? it’s either that or I am smelling inside my own mouth/nose which I don’t normally notice
I am known for not really noticing smells normally :slight_smile: so for me this is really awesome.

2: My sense of smell and taste seems stronger than normal :D… I couldn’t stop myself from eating a ham and cheese sandwich at work… my god the taste was Yummy!


At least you are smelling the right end of the digestion process. I was just thinking today I was smelling like the other end of the digestion process and I’m hoping others don’t smell what I’m smelling.


At this point I only have 3 bags left and a half pitcher… Wish I had more and that they were already shipping international orders :confused: I have been enjoying my Soylent a lot the last few days.

I tried blendinh strawberrys with some soylent yesterday… Ended up being 50% strawberry lol

Cocoa powder is my favorite still


This is a big turnaround for you since you started.

Maybe you should try some Joylent?