Tordenskjold on Soylent


I was considering giving it a try yes :slight_smile:


Currently farting like crazy :slight_smile: have no idea how they smell… The cause was drinking too much within a short time frame :slight_smile: had 2 big glasses of probably about 400-500 ml each :wink: I have no regrets!


A while ago somebody said “I like to fart”. I thought about it for a while and decided I too, like to fart. My family likes it less but they are stuck with me. :smile:


Since you work for a Bottler, perhaps you could try mixing some Coke/Diet Coke syrup with your next batch of Soylent and report?


The syrup is way too acidic in its pure form :slight_smile: plus I can’t just walk in and take a scoop of it heh