Tordenskjold tries 1.4


So after a long break from official Soylent (last time was 1.0) I managed to get some 1.4 from Keenin only required I paid the shipping. I live in Denmark, so I still ended up having to pay quite a bit, specially since customs basically doubled the price. About $80 shipping and then $80 in customs.

Package arrived about 14 days after it arrived to Denmark because customs took their sweet time.

First mix: I decided to simply take 1/4 of a bag and put directly into a 600ml blender bottle, adding about 500ml water to the Soylent. (More than instructions)
It mixed quite easily, and I had my first taste.
Cardboard was the first taste I noticed, not undrinkable… But not tasty either :smile:

It wasn’t too salty, it wasn’t too sweet… not my batch at least, with the amount of water I added. But I will say I preferred the flavor 1.0 had with the vanillin, even though I thought 1.0 needed slightly less vanilla flavor.

Post Soylent experience: The good old 2 day tension headache returned, just like with 1.0 and Queal… Obviously there is something in them that my tendons become tense because of. It’s been 3 day now and I only had 3/4 of a bag so far. (Skipped today, had 2/4 the second day and 1/4 the first)

I plan to drink some more tomorrow and see if these tensions will go away slowly, but I do wonder what ingredient is the cause. (My original guess was the potassium because much higher than what I normally get, but could be anything)

Also: I noticed that my stomachs acid production is quite high after some Soylent… It had been a while since last I had acid reflux (back when I drank plenty of cola) but it feels like too much Soylent could end up giving me some acid reflux again… Will see what happens. I have IBS, GERD and a sensitive stomach so good luck me :blush:
GERD makes me taste the cardboard taste for hours, which makes me hope they find a way to either make it more neutral in the future, or at least better tasting.

May edit this post later as I wrote it from my phone, and it may be filled with nonesense


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tosses more hyperbole your way :angry:



@Conor , I was wondering if you guys are doing any research into what in Soylent that could be causing the tension headache that a very small group of people like myself experience a few hours after eating Soylent? (For the first day or more). 1/4 of a bag was enough to trigger the problem in me personally… Obviously it is me that is sensitive to something, I haven’t experienced this form of reaction outside of Soylent :sweat_smile: I ask only because I want the best possible product for everyone as it can be.


So after a few days break, I opened my second bag and made a 1/4 portion.

I mixed in a tablespoon peanut butter for flavor and the extra protein doesn’t hurt either.

After about 1 hour, the annoying symptoms of stiffness in the back of my neck started… This time only in the left side… This is now 2 hours ago and my eyes now feel a slight pressure too. No headache yet, but that may be to the fact that it is only the left side that is affected so far. Will opdate when it goes away or gets worse…

Any suggestion on what is the cause? I only have ideas but no way of knowing.

I hope it is a matter of adjustment.


@Tordenskjold, you’ve followed the discourse longer than most. I can only reply what you already know. Most people think it is an adjustment to the new diet. More people lean towards increased potassium than other changes, but it’s all speculation. I’m sure you are getting enough water, so we know it isn’t that.

The only “good” news, as you know, is that everyone who posted about headaches at the beginning reported that they disappear after a few days. It doesn’t help you (assuming you only have a week’s worth or so), but I suggest powering through it. I would think that having a few day’s break just means you start the adjustment period all over again.

Best to you, sir.