Tortilla Perfection: Pancake Style


I recently switched from Hackerschool Soylent to People Chow 3.0.1:

At first I was disappointed that the Masa I found didn’t dissolve at all. It was super gritty to drink. Disgusting, actually. But I found a delicious work around. I had been pondering the idea of splitting a soylent recipe into two complementary and differently tasting components that would complement eachother. This seemed like a good opportunity to do that.

First I mixed the Masa, salt, and oil in a bowl, and stirred in water until it was pretty soupy (3.5 cups I think, but I wasn’t measuring exactly). I heated up a pan and made pancake/tortilla type things. It came out to ten pancakes exactly, which works great. Then I mixed the rest of the ingredients, which come out to 92 grams exactly.

I was a little worried about the flavor of the remaining ingredients. I had eaten two of the ten pancakes so I put 1/5 of the powder in a jar and mixed it with a bit more than a cup of water.

The taste was incredible. It was almost… citrusy. It offset the oily corn/potato flavor of the pancakes perfectly.

Anyway, I declared the day’s experiment a success. Not sure if anybody has tried this exact approach before, but I recommend you try it, at least once in a while to add some variety.

Thanks for reading.


Does cooking it have any effect on the nutrients?


I’m only cooking the tortilla flour (which is pretty much intended to be cooked), the oil, and the salt. I doubt there’s much affect.

I’d be more worried about the protein, but that is in the beverage.


Ohhh, I thought you were mixing it ALL up and cooking it.

Props to being creative btw! We need people pushing the envelope and trying things that might not work :wink:


People have said that soaking the masa for a while will help the grit. It doesn’t dissolve like wheat flour does.


Soylent RED, a variation of People Chow last updated in Feb did something similar but with the addition of hotsauce to the “pancakes”. It is a good idea and i think i remember one other version like this as well.