Total Potassium, Sodium, etc


I see - Potassium (3500mg) from Potassium Gluconate (15,750mg) and Iodine (150ug) from Potassium Iodide…

I see - Sodium (1500mg) from Sodium Chloride (2100mg) and Selenium (55ug) from Sodium Selenite (120ug) and Molybdenum (45ug) from Sodium Molybdate (98ug)…

I see - Calcium (1000mg) from Calcium Carbonate (2500mg) and Vitamin B5 (5mg) as Calcium d-pantothenate…

and I wonder, what’s the TOTAL Potassium, what’s the TOTAL Sodium, and what’s the TOTAL Calcium included in Soylent? I mean, if you’re going to go through the details of creating an all-inclusive nutritional replacement, it would be good to break the numbers down all the way. Please, and thank you.

Soylent Micronutrient Breakdown

Sure thing

Potassium: 3500mg from Potassium Gluconate + 35ug from Potassium Iodide = 3500.035mg
Sodium: 1500mg from NaCl + 32ug from Sodium Selenite + 18.6ug from Sodium Molybdate = 1500.0506mg
Calcium: 1000mg from Calcium Carbonate + 0.4mg from Calcium D-Pantothenate = 1000.4mg

I respect your devotion to precision.


Perfect! We arm-chair nutritionists have to have details. Details, man. D-e-t-a-i-l-s! And, as you’ve already noticed, this forum is replete with our kind. But, the Internet brings these traits out in everyone to some degree, I suppose.

As for the sexist nature of the current Soylent mixture, I expect that there will be several varieties developed over time - Infant, Child, Teen, Adult, Elderly, in boy (blue package, of course) and girl (pink package, of course) versions.

So, thank you for your response, and keep up the good work. In this 21st century, and with the entire world funneled into our homes via our respective ISP’s, you can understand that too much detail is always better than too little, even if the extra info has little weight of it’s own.