Totally disappointed in Strawberry...Nectar was WAY better


I was super excited for a new flavor (so was my wife). We got our box of strawberry today…and I’m really sad. It was terrible warm, so we refrigerated a bottle and tried again later. It’s better cold but it is tasteless and boring. Bring back nectar!


Nectar will never be returning sadly.


Hmm, I’ve seen comments from five people who have tried it so far:

1 said they loved it
1 said it wasn’t bad but was a little disappointed
1 is “totally disappointed”
1 said it smells & tastes similar to Cap’n Crunch Berry’s milk, but didn’t specify if that was good or bad
1 said they loved it & it is his/her new favorite flavor & said it is similar to the mystery flavor from awhile back


EDIT: added new review


I’m enjoying Strawberry well enough, but it ain’t Nectar, sigh!

(on that note, if Nectar’s “never coming back,” can you at least share a way to flavor plain to taste like it? Or has that already been done and I missed it?)


Hmm, I’ve seen comments from seven people who have tried it so far:

1 said they didn’t like it
1 said they are enjoying it but preferred nectar


Seems OK so far then. 2 loved it, one hated it, one middle of the road (me), and one unknown.


After seven comments I would categorize it as:

2 loves
2 middle of road
1 hate (maybe too strong of a summation)
1 dislike
1 unknown

∞ who want nectar back (3, including me, but I haven’t tried strawberry yet)


smelled ok, 1 sip and i was NOPE


I disregard first-sip negative reviews. I’ve seen too many threads in this discourse where someone leaves a negative review the week of a release, to follow-up two weeks later that they now like the product because it has grown on them.


Strawberry has an unpleasant sweet/bitter after taste.
When Nectar was discontinued I experimented using various artificial flavor drops with Original; I did not enjoy it because all the artificial flavor drops had a mild sweet/bitter after taste.
Strawberry tastes exactly the same to me as Original with added artificial strawberry flavor drops, so whats the point? This seems like a lazy and uncreative replacement to Nectar.
Nectar tasted like Fruit Loops to me and did not have this mild sweet/bitter after taste.
Big bummer, I was really excited about Strawberry.


Would Blueberry Soylent be more an appealing idea to people here at all?


I’d totally try a blueberry


I’d definitely give Blueberry a try. The Strawberry would be alright if it wasn’t for that artificial concentrate bitter/sweet after taste, maybe it’s something they can improve on if they get enough feedback regarding it.


I agree with the sentiment regarding blueberry. Sounds like a strong (and tasty) flavor to crowd out that serious aftertaste. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Same here, Blueberry is the bom! Just had a coworker try the Strawberry,. same reaction I had, bad aftertaste.


Has anyone tried the Strawberry Soylent side by side with Strawberry Ensure Plus? Would be curious to hear how they compare.


They all have bad after tase… even the cacao which I love so much. However, I always have to chew gum or have something else along with the drink afterwards as it leaves a bad breath behind.


I also always keep gum on hand for after Soylent. I don’t feel like Cacao, Original or Chai leave a bad taste, but I can tell I’ve got weird breath after drinking them.


Hi there!

I’m new here. 100% Soylent bottles for a month now.

My four boxes of Strawberry arrived yesterday.

I’ve tried all the flavors except Nectar.

Ranked Taste:

  1. Strawberry
  2. Cacao
    (big drop off)
  3. Original
  4. Coffiest
  5. Chai
  6. Vanilla

I love Strawberry! It is my new favorite. No aftertaste. Thinner tasting than the others. The flavor is subtle and soluble.

As well, love the new bottle!



I dislike Strawberry and can’t wait until my 12 bottles are gone. I can’t even put my finger on what I dislike about it. I just struggle to finish the bottle because it’s not enjoyable.

For the record I also didn’t like Nectar, but Cacao is pretty good. I generally like sweet things and fruit flavors, so this seems strange to me.