Totally disappointed in Strawberry...Nectar was WAY better


I like Strawberry but it seems sooo thin.


Blueberry sounds great to me,not just because of the taste but because of the Superfood aspect, if there is real blueberry in it.


At first I didn’t like the strawberry either, but it grows on you.

Its a very subtle flavor, if I was blind folded and didn’t know I was drinking strawberry, I wouldn’t be able to guess that it was strawberry.

That being said, I love cacao but sometimes when I chug them, my stomach feels kind of sick like. With the strawberry flavor that doesn’t happen. - I feel like strawberry is really smooth, smoother than my cacao and my original. Maybe there was a slight formula change, but I could chug strawberry really easily without any after sickness.

Overall I plan on using strawberry soylent for the emergency hunger pains where original is too unappetizing and cacao is heavy and no chugable.


Nectar is by far the most revolting, chemical-ish flavor I’ve ever tasted from a meal replacement drink. I got a case for free off Craigslist and I still feel ripped off. I finally finished the very last one today (took almost a year to gather the willpower to make it through all of them). That’s what I came on the forum to post about, and then I saw this thread. Maybe I just have some gene that makes it nasty for me, that’s the only logical explanation for how anyone else could like it.

I haven’t tried Strawberry yet but I’ll grab one from a CVS to try if they stock it.

I’ll tell you a secret about the best flavor though. Get an original, and squirt in some “Mio Orange Vanilla Water Enhancer”. It turns it into a drinkable creamsicle. You’re welcome.


After 4 or 5 bottles now:

Strawberry is really good. I didn’t really know what ‘floral’ meant in regards to taste/flavor prior to this product, but I think I get that taste at the end of sips along with a subtle (if that is possible) sour taste that I really enjoy. Still seems really thin though, and as someone who chugs a Soylent in like 2 or 3 quick gulps and has a hard time feeling full from it, the thinness probably doesn’t help the situation. Regardless, it has a good taste imo (but I also really liked Nectar, which obviously wasn’t a big hit so what do I know).


Will Strawberry be sold at 7-11??

And more importantly, what’s with the strange question marks on this board???


They changed the font of the forum recently right? Or am I going crazy?


Sorry for disappointment of those who disliked strawberry :frowning: but it seems like a decent flavor to me


For me I miss in the Froot Loops flavor of Nectar but I’m loving the strawberry ”Trix”. Works for me on the variety come on Soylent, bring on more cereal flavors


The plain powdered Soylent that’s been mixed in a blender and has sat in the refrigerator overnight can’t be beat. I didn’t like the strawberry and gave it to my husband who thinks anything that tastes fruity and sweet is good.


I think you’ve answered your own question. It’s just not sweet enough. The taste is subtly there. I can certainly appreciate the low amount of sugar that’s in the drinks.