Totally LOVE Strawberry!


New Soylent fan here. Been 100% bottles for about a month.

I just expressed my love for Strawberry, and the new bottle, in the “disappointed” thread.

I thought we should start some love for Strawberry here in its own realm. :tada:

My four Strawberry boxes arrived yesterday!



Just received my first box of Strawberry yesterday, didn’t know what to expect after seeing some of those disappointed reviews, but I totally love it too! It completely reminds me of strawberry oatmeal or more specifically the strawberry instant oatmeal I would always eat as a kid. On first tasting it also reminds me of Strawberry Nesquik, not too artificial and not identical to strawberries, but a nice balance. It’s a nice welcome and addition to the Original and Cacao flavors and I definitely prefer it over the Nectar.


Well said! I grew up on Strawberry Quik, and I find the Soylent suggestive of that experience, but not as blatantly sugary as the unhealthy, milked, original.

Drinking Strawberry Soylent comes across to me as thoughtfully, and carefully, refined. It seems clear they designed this drink to be smoother and more palatable than, say, Vanilla – which I find incredibly harsh and chalky. I appreciate the effort to change and modify!

I agree the Strawberry is really a whole new imagining of the Soylent taste palate – and I like the direction they’re taking us!


Goes here too!!! About to order a few more boxes!


Very cool!

I ingest only Soylent right now – nothing else – and since Strawberry arrived, that’s the only flavor I’ve been drinking even though we have all the flavors here. :tada:

My wife likes Strawberry, but not as much as I do. Strawberry is her second flavor. Cacao is her favorite.


Totally agree! Strawberry is my fav from now on! I am currently getting all of my colleagues from into soylent and strawberry one is really making a difference


That’s great! I think Strawberry is a good way for new consumers to get into Soylent. The other flavors tend to be a little thicker and chalkier in my taste. Strawberry is certainly smoother, and, it appears, the new way forward. SMILE!

It’s good you’re serving as an ambassador for your colleagues! I’m sure they’ll have a lot of questions you can help answer.


@Conor, any plans for Strawberry to be sold at 7-11?


Yes, but some stores opt in and out.


I’d like to try the strawberry, but I don’t want to spend almost $40 just to try it. It’d be great to have the option to add individual bottles onto my regular monthly powder delivery so I can try out all the flavors without spending a fortune.


I agree, that’s why I asked about 7 eleven. I’ve been here from the start and bought boxes of all versions up to 1.7 I think? And also a box of 2.0. Ultimately they all gave me gas. It was disappointing every time and frustrating sample sizes weren’t available.


Keep in mind that Soylent is very good about customer service. If you buy a box and don’t like it they’ll refund it without question.


I don’t like the Strawberry flavor but only judging after the first bottle, I haven’t yet tried it cold out of the refrigerator. I’ve tried all the flavors and have always went back to the original which I love at room temperature as well as very cold.


“It seems clear they designed this drink to be smoother and more palatable than, say, Vanilla – which I find incredibly harsh and chalky. I appreciate the effort to change and modify!”

It definitely seems more watered down in terms of consistency than all past flavors. I wonder what they changed to remove the thickness?


I don’t know why they changed the consistency, but if you want a wider, mainstream, net – the thinner version is easier to take than the other, thicker, flavors. If I had to choose, as a newish user, I’d pick the thin version.

The new bottle is also grippier than the previous one. It has a good, aesthetic, feel. It handles condensation better, but still has a problem with condescension. (smile!)


Comparing the ingredients, I think what they did was remove the oat fiber and increased the other fiber. The fiber may mostly be soluble fiber now?


That’s a good find, and the change in taste, and texture, makes sense. When I started Soylent, I would pour the bottles into a thing of cold water to soften it up a bit. Now, I can drink it straight from the bottle, but starting out, not so much.


I just checked, and it looks like they removed oat fiber from other flavors, too, so that may not be it.


Are there any news or plans for strawberry powder too? I love the flavor, but I’m also on a really tight budget so I always opt for powder instead of bottle…


No plans right now, but we have other fun flavors in the works. :slight_smile: