Totally LOVE Strawberry!


I also “totally love strawberry”. The intensity of the flavor is just right. It’s cool and refreshing without being overpowering.

In wine terms, you might say the nose is fruity yet subtle, with a full body and a clean, almost savory, finish.


Am I the only one that gets a kinda sour (in a good way) ‘finish’?


I like the strawberry. The flavor reminds me of a McDonald’s strawberry milkshake.

But more notably: strawberry is my girlfriend’s favorite. She is not a fan of original, but liked cacao. Strawberry leaped over cacao as her number one choice.

Sadly, I like Strawberry enough that I’m not giving her any of my discounted 12 boxes. I went a little crazy when they were on sale on Amazon. She can pay full price.


Ha! Our beloveds share the same dilemma! They want what we have, and we would love to share, but prefer not to.

And yet, every time I am asked to “open a Strawberry Soylent” for her, I gently remind her that, actually, HER favorite is Cacao, a flavor that I was not allowed to have much of until I found Strawberry and fell in love – and I then get the death stare – and she has slowly, and successfully, been draining all my Strawberry stash, while keeping her Cacao supply quite unlimited!


Lol! I finally sampled the strawberry from my sample 4-pack with my girlfriend and have to admit it’s pretty good! Very subtle strawberry, just enough to differentiate it from plain 2.0.

This is the big bonus for her… she doesn’t like 1.8 or 2.0 nor does she like chocolate in general… But the strawberry is good!

Need to hunt down some chai/vanilla at a Walmart…


I’ve been a long time consumer, I’m an original Kickstarter backer so I’ve tasted it all hahaha

I just got my first box of Strawberry and I have one beside me now. It’s not amazing, but it’s not bad. It smells like the fake strawberry flavor you would get out of opening a new box of Captain Crunch (Oops all berries). I was surprised, and also kind of delighted that it wasn’t a strong overpowering flavor like Nectar was…but it also barely tasted like strawberries. It was more like the milk left over in the bowl of the aforementioned cereal rather than Strawberry Qwik.

Unless it grows on me, I probably won’t buy another case and will just stick with Cacao like I have been for months.